Wrapping Up 2010 In Style

Everyone else is doing it…I guess that means I gotta do it too. ‘Cept…I’mma do it in typical Joe-Fashion, and totally OVER do it. I’m not just gonna pick my top 10 images from the year. I’m gonna go through the year and pick whatever the hell I think represents 2010. Anything memorable; From our zany adventures around the Western United States to our unspeakable acts in other countries. *shhh!*

So hide yo kids, hide yo wife, cause I posted up at least thirty seven thousand pictures up in here.

“Whoo hoo! to 2010. The good times, the bad. The ups and downs. Whoo hoo, I say! Whoo hoo!”

Josh Herrin shows a little 4 love while beating the shit outta the FAIL bike.

Jason does a nice standup wheelie, posing for the camera.

We got to visit tracks we’d never been to previously. Pahrump is up there as one of my favorite tracks.

Inde Motorsports is a ton of fun as well. Here’s Chris Peris.

We saw every type of weather there was, pretty much. If the riders are gonna brave it, we’re gonna brave it right there with em.

Todd “the mostest awesomest” Grice rocks the Power Glove “cause it’s so bad.”

We always practice our ninja skills.

The track isn’t always about the pavement. There’s so much fun to be had in the pits and the life that happens when you’re not on the bike. Especially when you’re not on the bike cause your dumb ass forgot to put gas in it. *giggles*

Even the animals get in on the action sometimes.

Andy braking as hard as possible during the TTP races at Reno Fernley.

It’s illegal to wheelie on the street…so we take it to the track…and even then, us hooligan-type aren’t safe anywhere.

Jorge Lorenzo at Laguna Seca
4theriders I love this shot I got of Valentino Rossi about to drop down the Corkscrew at Laguna. Not sure why, I just do.

Josh Hayes in turn 10 at Infineon during an AMA race weekend. The man is simply an incredible rider to watch from so close.

Danny Eslick wheelies turn 3a, Infineon. Dude can pull some SICK wheelies!

I had to post another shot of Danny Eslick… here he is battling to hold onto the lead.

The evolution of Mankind. No, seriously, it is. I saw it on Nat-Geo.

This year we were even led to far away lands where peoples’ motorbikes played on teeter-totters like children.

And they played in the mud!

Scooter Doom likes to play too…but doesn’t always play nicely. In fact, this was the last shot taken of Scooter Doom before Toe and I broke the frame in half.

I really love this shot I got at Infineon from the start/finish tower. Makes me feel all patriotic and stuff.

Matt has REALLY been getting good at this artsy stuff. Here’s a sketch he made of Chris from Pirelli

And Matt has also gotten pretty savage at doing crossed up wheelies too!

Kevin can’t wheelie for shit. But he does have other redeeming qualities…like he’s an absolute magician with a video camera and editing software. He’s the man responsible for 99% of the videos you see branded “4theriders” these days. Here he is with a GoPro HD mounted to a monopod while on a Pashnit Tour filming a promo for them to display at the IMS show in San Mateo.

There was much carnage to be had this year. I’m not gonna post up a buncha crash shots either…only cause then this post would be twice as long with seventeen times more pictures. But I will post this shot. PEW PEW!!!

Probably the RADDEST moto-related tattoo I’ve ever seen. It’s a quote from the great Hunter S Thompson. If you don’t know it, you prolly don’t ride a motorbike. Or you’re just a poser.

There were epic battles at the races this year. Dan Sewell and Dave Raff battle it out on SV650s in this shot. Click the link to see the video.

Getting away from bikes-on-the-track for a second, I’ve been working on trying to learn the ins and outs of model photography. Like…actually shooting PEOPLE instead of just motorbikes all the time. But it’s hard not to at least INCLUDE a bike. *tee-hee*

Katie poses with Chris Siglin’s Ducati…technically, I guess this is still a bike-on-the-track shot, eh?
katie and the ducati at infineon

Annika with the Kawasakis
4theriders annika kawi

Shelina being all pretty and stuff
shelinda moreda she'z racing

Kristie sitting on the Gixxer.

And okay, okay…I did do a few photoshoots this year that weren’t bike related…
posing in downtown sacramento

Seppes.com is just the site we use for the stuff we shoot that’s NON-bike related. You know, weddings, parties, pretty nekkid girls. That sorta thing. =)
nude art black and white woman

Recently, as seen on a previous 4theriders blog post, Toe and I went to LA as his creation is to be featured on the cover of Super Streetbike Magazine! And by creation, I’m talking about Toe’s FAILure bike.

We sometimes resort to really dumb shit when we’re bored during 10+ hour long drives…. c’mon…what else are you gonna do?

Or we just do dumb shit period…
Toe machine gun camera

joe supermoto rfr tail whip

Don’t worry, it’s safe.
matt getting shots

This year, I think I might have ridden a total of about 700 miles on the street. Down about 40,000 from 2008, and up about 200 from 2009. ahhaha! Some of those miles I spent in the air.

And some I spent on my ass.

This year I got to ride a ton of different tracks.

Reno Fernley Raceway in Fernley, NV
joe at rfr

Inde Motorsports in Wilcox, AZ
joe at inde

Spring Mountain Raceway in Pahrump, NV
joe at pahrump

Laguna Seca in Monterey, CA
joe at laguna seca

Infineon Raceway in Sonoma, CA
joe at infineon

Thunderhill Raceway in Willows, CA
joe at thunderhill

Miller Motorsports Park in Tooele, UT
joe at miller motorsports mmp

I did hit the deck once this year at Reno Fernley Raceway. 2nd lap of the day, in typical Joe-Fashion, I highsided in turn 5. Much love to Laz for 1) catching it on video, and 2) not running my ass over. Not too shabby for nearly 9,000 track miles logged on the gixxer alone this year. My last off on the track was in 2008. Last before that was 2006… so I guess I’ll be due again in 2012. Hehe.
joe crashed at rfr

Even Toe wasn’t impervious to carnage this year. He took a digger in turn 4 at Reno Fernley. He ain’t one to give up though. No crash shots, just conquering shots.
toe fail bike rfr turn 4 reno fernley

Toe and I were also treated to an epic 9 day trip to Baja, Mexico for the Baja 500 races to shoot some media pics for one of the race teams.

We met many interesting people in our travels.

Over the year, we drove many tens of thousands of miles, here and there. There and everywhere. Here’s PART of one of our trips.

We experienced many grand “adventures,” as I like to call them (when something terrible happens that usually costs me a lot of time, energy, or money to fix. Usually all of the above). Toe usually refers to them as “the worst time of his life…” but sekret-lee, I know he lubbz it. hehehe

I went to Las Vegas for WERA and brought the Gixxer with me. During practice, I went for a ride through Red Rock

And took a couple pictures.

On one of our journeys…prolly somewhere on US 395, I took this shot of Toe. Since then, all freeways are now known as 395 to Toe.

Earlier in the year, a couple of us did a True Grit ride.

We got to hang out with hooligans.

Wheelies just don’t always cut it anymore.
matt jumps his r1

Going the distance
joe jumps gsxr

There was lots of clowning around: Toe with his FAILness

All in all…I spent a freggin TON of money on petrol. This is just from ONE TRIP ALONE. :(

Dedicated in loving memory of Eric Arnold and Bobby Black. Two friends that we lost in 2010, but will remember forever.
bobby black

eric arnold

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  1. I was supposed to be running errands and instead I made coffee, found this, and chillaxed.

    What a great set of pics and commentary. You are MAN. Here is to another great year,.. plz keep it coming!!!

  2. Joe, you are truely talented – I love your photojournals. You are living the life – keep it coming.

  3. When I grow up I wanna take photos worthy of 4THERIDERS

  4. Always enjoy your pictures and presentation Joe!

    Looks like, overall, you had a good 2010.

    Keep up the good work!

  5. Love this compilation! I think it says volumes to feel like the guys filming you are not only superior Photographers but they make you feel comfortable enough that you could sit down and have a brew with em! Hope 2011 is even more epic!!

  6. Well done my man. Some very cool shots in there. But that is expected of you, ya know.

  7. Always a pleasure thumbing through and living life through your shots, Joe. One of these
    weekends I’m gonna have to get out with you guys. I’m only an hour away, yet it seems like
    your photos make it appears WORLDS away. You go to some great places. Keep up the
    good work!

  8. Joe, you always amaze, entertain and bring parts of your world to us viewers—-a real treat. Lead on!! Wishing you and your band of adventurers many happy trails, kel

  9. I love the way you wrapped up 2010. good job.

  10. Awesome pictures Joe, I would have expected nothing less from you. A great tribute
    to the year!

    Some day you will have to do a Harley shoot somewhere, the most photographic MC’s there
    are. Of course that is just my opinion :-)

    Here is to a great 2011

    Bill (SklyWag)

  11. Joe, your talent and sense of humor continue to impress… nice going! :)

  12. Great shots Joe! As always, they tell a very interesting story. Here is to an even better (is that possible?) 2011.


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