Trip to LA for Super Streetbike Magazine

Somehow, someway, Toe has made the cover of Super Streetbike Magazine with the FAIL bike. I mean, I knew that the idea behind the bike was totally rad…but the cover of a magazine? AWESOME! Look for it in the February issue of Super Streetbike Magazine.

For those of you who know not what the FAIL bike is…well, here it is with Josh Herrin schmobbin on it…
josh herrin riding the fail bike at thunderhill

And here is Toe, doing what he does best:
toe posing on failbike captain morgan

Most of these pics were taken with the GoPro HD and my ipod…my ipod sucks at teh photoz. :(

So Toe and I drove down to Los Angeles so their photographer could do some studio work with the FAIL bike and another “Rossi Replica” bike.
joe toe fail bike driving gopro

It was a pretty uneventful drive…but we did get to drive through my old stomping grounds that I hadn’t seen in a LONG time.
rolling stone magazine

We got to the studio and started getting stuff prepared. Toe was like a little school girl.
toe failbike fail bike

The “cove” was EPIC!
photo studio cove cave lighting lightbox

Another guy that was there had this sweet mural painted on his truck.
marilyn manroe mural

The studio had this bad ass table for people that were waiting.
engine table with sweet rims

We were there for a LONG time…and we decided to go cruise around Santa Monica Pier and Venice Beach for a while. I hadn’t been to either place since I was a kid…man, has it changed!

Walk-Ins Welcome!!! hahahahaha!
medical marijuana store kush doctor

I wondered what treasures lay in there?
freak show santa monica

“I wish I was BIG.”
zoltar big santa monica pier

I hadn’t ridden in a few weeks, so I thought the dolphin would be perfect to get it out of my system.
joe rides a dolphin

I don’t even know what to say…
gremlin gremlins predator sculpture venice beach

One final parting shot of Toe and I in Venice Beach
venice beach

So…sorry if you were dissapointed that there weren’t any rad pics of us jumping streetbikes or dragging elbow or cartwheeling nekkid or anything. I just felt like posting up a few little things about our trip to LA….well…I guess I could leave you with a few parting shots of the epicness that is Toe’s FAIL bike… :D

melissa paris headers leo vince titanium exhaust custom pipe failbike

Toe wheelies the fail bike over t9 at thunderhill

toe poses fail-like

the failbike fails itself into failure

more wheelies on the failbike

backwards at thunderhill doing wheelie

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  1. Congrats on the front cover shoot!
    Very very cool indeed.
    That bike is awesome.

  2. Where were you when Herrin was on your bike? (Track)

  3. I like the picture with Zoltar, reminds me of the movie BIG…….lol, there I go showing
    my age again! Great job guys!!!

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