Racer Gloves USA High Speed Glove Review

I’m super picky about what goes on my hands when I ride and what protects me from 100+mph knuckle-drags across asphalt and dirt. I mean, shouldn’t everyone be? I dunno, I’m also one of those guys with baby soft hands, free of callouses, clean fingernails, and I wash my hands at least 15 times a day…WITH wholesale soap. Most people think I’m odd. Hell, even I think I’m odd. Anyhow…

clean everything hyperbole and a half

When I got the High Speed gloves a few months ago, Lee asked me to review them after I’d had a chance to try them out.

I warned him then and there: “Lee, I’m honest about my reviews. good, bad, ugly….I’ll write EXACTLY what I feel and think…and I’m REALLY picky about gloves…” He had a rather smug look on his face as I said that. I interpreted it as him being fairly confident that I’d write a positive review.

And rightly so.

about to cut the cord!
racer gloves usa high speed

These gloves, the Racer Gloves USA, High Speed model gloves, are hands down (*nyuk* no pun intended) the best glove I’ve EVER put on my paws! They’re incredibly comfortable. The palms are made from the supple hides of cuddley kangaroos. Little joey’s fuzzy little pocket-hide is soft, flexible, and strong… yet they don’t bunch in your palms when white-knuckling the bars in terror as I turn “hot-laps” at the track (that’s a common problem I find with a lot of high end race gloves. The palms bunching is a deal breaker for me, actually). They vent amazingly well without any feeling of compromise in safety. My fingers don’t feel like clammy sausages after doing 15 laps in a row in scorching 100 degree heat. The construction is very Jimmy Choo, in that I don’t feel cheated by spending high dollar on them, much like my size 13 heels. A++! ;)

And that knuckle armor…I feel like a bad ass Mad Max type wearing them. Haha!

racer gloves use high speed

I hope not to have to test their durability in a crash…It’s been 5 years since I hucked a street bike onto the ground…but I’m confident they’ll protect my precious shutter finger in case I do decide to pitch it away in a blaze of glory (yes, that did happen once before).

I highly recommend them as the last glove you’ll ever wear.

Ken Hill wears them and loves them…
ken hill khcoaching

…and he can’t believe Cameron Gish isn’t wearing them!

Daytona Anderson wears Racer Gloves USA too!
daytona anderson

The End.

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