I Just Got Robbed by Truckers

EDIT TO ADD on Feb 26th, 2019:

These are the guys. I just found a youtube video with the same “roper” and grey 2007 Honda Odyssey Ohio plate # GTW 1060

Link to video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wPA_vdYAGt0

I’m gonna start this off by saying I feel like a total fucking idiot. I’ve never been played so hard in my life. I’m dumb, I’m stupid, I’m a moron, I’m a fool.

I woke up to excited knocking on the door of the RV in the WB Sacaton rest area off the 10 near Phoenix at about 8:35am. I open the door and there’s a guy all super excited saying “Didn’t you hear?! That guy just won $180,000 on slots and he’s just giving money away!”

robbed by truckers
I reviewed the dash cam…this was the guy that got everything going. The time code is off by 1 hour. It was actually 8:38am

I feel so stupid right now.

I put my jacket on and go outside. There’s a group of about 10 people all huddled up near the back of a truck with 3 cards on a piece of cardboard. There’s a ring leader and he’s got a stack of about two hundred $100 bills in his hand. He’s saying to pick the red ace out of the three face down cards. The corner of the red ace is slightly bent, so it’s obvious which cards are which. Everyone is excitedly picking it and he’s doling out hundreds to everyone, over and over. I didn’t have cash on me, so the trucker standing next to me is says “Here. Take this. Pick that card.” and gives me $100 bill. I do, hand it to the ring leader, pick the right card, and the ring leader gives me the $100 and another one. I’ve got $200 of not-my-money in my hand now.

I feel incredibly dumb right now.

truckers robbed me
One of the guys that just robbed me scouting for idiots such as myself

The ring leader says “No borrowing, get your own money. I’ll double it.” I hand the $200 to the trucker that gave me the $100 in the first place and walk the 30 ft over to the RV and grab my very last $300 in cash that I have. I go back out to them. I’m still a little groggy from just waking up, and all I have in my head is that this dude is a saint or something because he won a bunch of money and now he’s “paying it forward.”

I am so naive.

robbed by truckers
Another one of the culprits

“Pick a card!” they chant. “It’s that one, that one,” all pointing to the same slightly bent card as before. Only it wasn’t. The second I picked the card, they all immediately turned around and dispersed. I stood there for a second, shocked, then yelled “what the fuck?!” and started walking after them when two of them grabbed me by the jacket, pushing me back, saying “You played, man. you played.”

I did. I’m a fucking idiot. And I got played.

robbed by truckers
This look says it all. “We’re about to take this suckers money.”

I feel SOOOO stupid. I’m such a fool.

Please let this serve as a PSA to anyone traveling on the road…It’s a sham. No one won anything. You won’t win either. There is no charity amongst predators. Don’t play. And don’t get played like I did. :(

robbed by truckers
If you see something like this at a truck stop or rest area…avoid it.

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  1. This is a common truck stop scam. Sorry you got hit.

    1. Author

      I can’t believe, in all my miles on the road, that I didn’t know…and even worse, that I fell for it. I hope this blog posts saves at least one other person from being as dumb as I was

  2. Damn that’s lame. Who would have thought about scumbag truckers…

    1. Author

      I certainly didn’t. I feel like an absolute twit.

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