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We’ve had a great last couple of days exploring and riding. As we’ve got nearly 2 weeks of time to kill, we decided to come down the Washington and Oregon coastline, stopping in various places. We unloaded the bike a few times and explored the backroads and the likes…but the PNW weather isn’t always cooperative. It pretty much rained on us every time we rode. Meh.

But then we got back to CALIFORNIA! The sun has been shining and the temps have been magnificent! As much as I’m starting to dislike CA and it’s politics, it’s pretty damned hard to beat the motorcycle roads out here. I mean sure, there ARE great roads in other places…but nothing like we’ve got here in CA. At least not to the extent Cali has ’em.

I’ve done a little bit of riding in the Etna area before…but I hadn’t explored ALL the roads yet. This trip did not dissapoint.

On Weds, we boondocked somewhere along the eastern portion of highway 96. We got there in the afternoon, but still had plenty of time to unload the bike and ride 96, Scott Bar, and whatever that road is north of Seiad towards Oregon. :) All roads I’d previously not been on. And it was good.

thor four winds siesta fj09 tracer mt09 highway 96
Our camp for the night

scotts bar rd
Somewhere along Scott Bar road

1915 bridge
1915 Bridge off Scott Bar

fj09 tracer
Our backyard for the night

Skip forward to Thursday…we went “all out.” Grabbed a nice spot at a local RV park in Etna, CA for two days so we can do some PROPER riding! :D

rvlife rv park fj09

I’d done Sawyers Bar to Forks of Salmon and onto Somes Bar to 96 up through Happy Camp before… but I knew there were some treasures I’d not yet ridden here…and boy am I freggin stoked I did! Here’s a few pics…

fj09 tracer
Sawyers Bar Summit

fj09 wheelie tracer wheelie
Up near the Summit again. Photo credit to Brianna

On Thursday, we looped out of Etna to Sawyers Bar then down Cecilville Rd all the way back to 3 before taking a side route that paralleled hwy 3 back to Etna.

pay phone
An actual WORKING pay phone!

old bridge
A completely safe bridge

tracer fj09 mt09
Non stop single lane fun!

fj09 tracer mt09 in the snow

snow angel
There’s always time to stop and play in the snow.

Shortly after taking the pic of Brianna messing around in the snow, we came across a bear in the road. It was Brianna’s first time seeing one in the wild. It was also the first time I’d seen one in the wild since the Great Bear Debacle of 2011. Haha! I stopped long enough for Brianna to take a blurry picture. It’s on her phone though.

Today, Friday, we did more. The plan was to repeat Sawyers Bar to Forks of Salmon to Somes Bar then up 96 to Happy Camp…unfortunately, 5.5 miles from 96, Somes Bar is CLOSED. Proper closed. Normally, I can get around that kinda stuff…but the bridge was out and there were crews working on it. No way around.

road closed
No way around.

So we backtracked the way we came in, ate lunch, got gas, then went right back out to Forks of Salmon for more riding. Haha! The roads are too damn good!

fj09 somes bar
Somes Bar…it’s pretty much death if you fuck it up.

That’s about it. We did about 80 miles on Weds, 110 miles of nearly all single lane goat trail yesterday, and another 180 miles of goat trails today. So good.

This was the vicinity of most of what we rode. Get out and ride! :D

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  1. Washington and Oregon coastline is simply amazing for riding. If someone wants to kill time, go to Sawyers Bar then down Cecilville Rd all the way back to 3 before taking a side route that paralleled highway 3 kms back to Etna.

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