TTP at Reno Fernley Raceway

What can I say? It was drama. It was close racing. It was friendship and family and community banding together. It was personal bests. It was fun. It was bad calls and ridiculous decisions. It was overcoming obstacles. It was broken timing and scoring equipment. It was hard work by volunteers. It was getting to see and hang out with old friends whom I missed.

It was yet another great weekend hosted by Sam & TTP.

You guys know I’m not that great with words. I often spew out whatever froth bubbles from my mind with little to no filter. Some love me for it. Some hate me for it. Either way, pictures don’t lie. So I’ll mostly let the pictures speak on my behalf.

Tho…I do want to point out something: Sam and TTP put on one hell of a fun event.

He offers up something that I’ve never seen before in all my years of being around the track and motorbikes and the likes; He offers a chance for the “little guy” to race.

The weekend warriors. The commuters. The motorcycle enthusiasts. The ones who may be afraid to make that leap from trackdays into actually getting a race license, spending the beaucoup bucks on aquiring a race bike, trailers, suspension, this, that, everything…he gives the guys and gals that want to experience the rush of a race start…of tipping into turn 1 at 100+ mph side by side with their best friend to see who will come out victorious after 6 laps of slidey-puck, knee-racing, poppa-wheelie action. To get a plastic trophy at the end of the day and who will have a memory that will last them the rest of their life, and the life of their son or daughter and those close to them.

pack of riders in turn 1

There is nothing cheap about that kind of experience. TTP made that happen for a handful of people this weekend. I wish there would have been more people to share that with Saturday and Sunday. I’m actually dissapointed by the local community and their lack of support. I fear that this might have been the very last TTP event as we know it.

Anyhow…I’ll step down from my little soap box now and just get to it…

First of all, I’d like to thank this well hung, and incredibly talented chick! She really helped me out this weekend! Thanks, Kinsy! You’re awesome!
kinsy hung like a horse camera canon

And this dude right here…for giving me motivation, friendship, and support. And for getting one of the sickest shots I’ve ever seen! :D Thanks, Kevin. You’re a good dude, and I’m proud to know you and be your friend! And sorry Kinsy makes your lens look tiny, shriveled, and inadequate. ;)

Speaking of Kevin and Kinsy, I was able to capture them BOTH having one hell of a time, doing what they love!
kevin and kinsy gsxr cbr 954 track rfr

Hell, even I ended up getting some track-time myself! :D
joe scooter track retarded funny

The battles on track were pretty epic amongst the “trackday goobs.” Jerry was hauling the mail on that CBR Dinosaur RR!
trackday goobs racing cbr 900

As expected, Mastakalakalaka put the hurt on everyone in the licensed racer class.
justin mastalka hauling ass

At the beginning of the day during riders meeting, I told everyone that when they saw me on track, I wanted them to show off for the camera. Usually, I tell people to avoid “Kodak Courage,” as I like to call it, as it usually ends in disaster. Katter was happy to oblige!
matt katter elbow dragging gsxr savage

Annnnnnnd, it ended in disaster a lap later… *giggles*
motorcycle crash photo lowside gsxr flip

Considering that the bike actually flipped, it was surprisingly undamaged! Aside from some scratches, the bike was ready to rock and roll, and Matt came back out with a vengance, putting down some 2:35 laptimes in the C configuration…holy smokes, that’s fast! Congrats, dude!
fast laps turn 11

This shot is kinda scary to take. I try to keep myself in spots where I’ll be safe…where I can use a wall or a tire barrier, or maybe even another photographer as a wall to hide behind if need be. I shoot with both eyes open, always…
group of riders in t2

Because of this!
r6 crash highside dust dirt

Luckily, when the dust settled, Shane was up and walking around. He ran off track after over-cooking t2, then his bike just augered in when the front tire touched the soft stuff. Ass over tea kettle!
crashed bike

All in all, I’d have to say that I love attending the TTP events. Seeing riders band together like they did this weekend was inspiring.

Thanks to everyone that came out to support the event. Thanks Brian and Cassie from SPL. Thanks Sam and Amber of TTP. Thanks to all the riders, friends, family, and supporters! See you guys around. :)

tilt shift hoot and hollar reno fernley raceway

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