My Friend Tyler

Well, I got word today that a great friend of mine was involved in an accident while leading a group of bikes through Idaho. Appearantly, she pulled along the right side of a tractor trailor at a 3-way junction and the truck must have not seen her and made a right turn, running Tyler over.

    tyler risk
    Tyler on Fiddletown Rd

    Tyler and daughter Shannon

I don’t have all the details of the accident, nor does it even matter, but she’s pretty seriously injured. She is expected to recover though. That’s the good news. If you guys can all just take a moment to send what might be a perfect stranger to you, but still part of the motorcycle family some happy, healing thoughts, it would be appreciated. She’s one of the most awesome people you might ever have the pleasure of meeting.

A recovery blog has been set up for Tyler, as she’s still in Idaho. Here is a link to her recovery blog.

Heal up, lady! This world needs you!

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  1. If there is one person in this world who embodies the word “spirit” it is Tyler. Much Love to ya Girl. Heal up Good!

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