AFM Goes to Thunderhill R4

So, I expected hellish June temperatures…but instead, all weekend, we were treated to March-like weather… what gives? Is the world going to implode next week? Is global warming a myth afterall? Is it really global cooling we have to be worried about? OMG, should I dig a bunker in my back yard?!?

//me runs and hides

Anyhow, I arrived with my trio of dastardly feinds mid morning on Saturday only to find that the dates on my calendar musta been wrong, cause the paddock seemed nearly empty compared to rounds in the past. It looked more like a trackday than a race weekend…but no matter, all the fun and excitement was still there. Code 4 brought back some of the Saturday night love. The fast guys were still fast. The racing was still awesome.

Here’s some pics…

    ball in hand

    the grice gets it done on his first race weekend ever. kudos, brother!

    the infamous trackho sits on the front at the grid

    made up or not, bess, you’re a beauty!

    waiting out a redflag situation

    preparing for the storm that is FP

    elena utterly destroying the formula singles field

    wait..which way does the track go again?

    stanton had a rotten weekend…his r1 grenaded…then he retired berto’s r6 in t5 with a mechanical as well. all in all, he still ended up being a great sport and a great dude. thanks dave stanton! you’re an inspiration.

    and thanks to all the corner workers for making this weekend happen. you guys are awesome!

    i gritted my teeth and hung out with one of the turn workers on the outside of t1 for a race start…it’s a scary, scary thing, people.

    even mid race, cory had the gumption to mess around and show off for the camera. that dude is amazing.

    neil hunts down ken through t11

    “no man shall pass!”

    gruetter gets a good launch

    siglin and cory had an epic battle all weekend. even during practice they sliced and diced their way around the track. eventually, siglin’s gsxr succumed to the pressure in t4 with a pretty violent crash, sending his bike about 15ft in the air. luckily, siglin was 100% unhurt and will be back to battle next round.

    ed can count to 4

    joe gives pony rides too.

    dirtbike boot sliders…that’s the trick.

    eventually, 841 has to dodge 978’s bike that’s laying in the middle of the track

thanks everyone! thanks toe and max for all the great pics! you guys ROCK!

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