San Francisco Supercross 2010

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and I am lazy, so enjoy the next 20,000 plus words!

It was like the 4th of July!

Relaxing before the race.

No Bubba this round, but a bike that he designed showed up.

He looks a bit different from the side…


Totally artistic and junk.

Where did I put that bow……

Penmanship practice.

Number 2 was number 1.

From the cheap seats.

This was where I was for the qualifying, and then I wandered back to the pits…

…Where I ran into this motley crew and their extra luxury box ticket! *giggles*

This was the first time Dungy ended up with the rubber side up, and unfortunately not the last…

Wheelie for…uhhhh….safety?

The End!!!!

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