Peyton the Pocketbiker

This kid is a beast. He’s my girlfriend, Kinsy’s kid. He’s raced 4 rounds of MiniMotoUSA so far this year, and I just wanted to post up a few pictures showing off how damned adorable and awesome he is motor-scootin around on his little 50 and his pocketbike. He podiums every round racing against some kids twice his age.

You can follow his progress and off-kilter comments on his facebook fan page here: Peyton the Pocketbiker

Infineon, back in May during the AMA round:
peyton the pocketbiker pocket bike 50cc

Medford, Oregon, back in June:
peyton pocketbike rc car gopro track

Lastly, these few are from the Reno Kart track earlier this month in August. The kid is improving like crazy!

Dragging knee like a pro!
peyton pocketbiker drags knee pocketbike blata polini

He was looking like Nick Apex as he drifted that little Blata!
drift blata peyton pocketbiker reno kart track

He sure knows how to pose for the camera
peyton pocketbiker poses for camera dragging knee

Looking forward to the curves ahead:
cyclone peyton pocketbiker reno

The next Nicky Hayden?
drift blata peyton pocketbiker reno kart track

The kid’s next race will be September 14-16 at the Shasta Kart Track in Redding, CA. Be sure to check out his facebook fan page and like it! Peyton the Pocketbiker

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