Our Last Few Days in Arizona

At the beginning of each month during the late fall and through winter, we go to Inde Motorsports Ranch for YCRS. Sometimes it ends up being a mad-dash to get there and get back to somewhere else…sometimes we get a few days to chill and explore. This trip to Inde happened to be the latter.

fj09 mt09 tracer inde motorsports ranch

I’m writing this while stopped at mile marker 2 in Arizona. We’re headed northwest to Las Vegas, but decided on one last stop in Arizona before we go to LV. We can ALLLMOST see the Hoover Dam from where we’re parked. It’s mostly quiet except for the freeway, which is in earshot. There’s no one else out here.

This is what my view looked like about an hour ago before the sun set to the west:

Anyhow, skipping back a few days, I’d asked Bribri “where do you want to go?” Without any hesitation, she says “BISBEE!” So we went to Bisbee following the YCRS school.

the rig at bisbee queen mine rv park

There are no helmet laws in Arizona…and the speed limit in the entire town is 15mph, so we did what anyone would do…risked death for pizza.
fj09 no helmet screaming banshee pizza bisbee

We’d gotten two completely unsolicited recommendations to go to Screaming Banshee Pizza. I take that as a sign that we MUST go, Sausage Creature be damned! So we did. And it was good. I can’t say it was the best pizza I’d ever had…that is reserved for the Genoa Bar in Genoa, NV. Their Cowboy Pizza is made of dreams and wishes. Nonetheless, it was still good and I’d recommend it to anyone who happens to be in the mood for pizza in Bisbee.

If you’re after some proper amazing food in Bisbee, then I’d say you’d better go to the Copper Queen Hotel. OMG, their food is DELICIOUS!
copper queen hotel bisbee arizona

We cruised around Bisbee for the day and checked stuff out.

bisbee arizona

main street bisbee arizona

fj09 bisbee az mt09 tracer

We set off from Bisbee with the thoughts of going to the Grand Canyon. After checking the weather, I opted not to…it was COLD up there this week. Sedona then! But…wait…no. Not there either. Overnight freezing temps with snowfall in the greater Flagstaff area. RV’s aren’t exactly R-30 insulated. I’d prefer not to have to worry about freezing pipes and such overnight. If I absolutely HAVE to deal with it, I will. If it’s by choice, nah. Hard pass. :D

Instead we ended up in Prescott, Arizona. My little sister and her husband live there. They just had their first kid together two weeks ago. What better than to go meet my new nephew? :D

Here’s Pebble’s photo of me, Bribri, and her new rugrat.

We stayed the night there and experienced some extremely unsettling weather. We watched lightning bolts hit the valley floor below us over and over while the RV was pelted by heavy rain and hail for several hours. We were parked nearly at the very top of a hill. It was a little scary, to be honest. I’d contemplated moving locations for a while, but figured it’d make a good story if we lived through it. Hehe.

Here’s the dashcam that I use. Everyone asks me what I use all the time. Buy it on Amazon with this link and I get a small commission.

Here’s a screen shot from my dashcam:
dashcam lightning strike

Here’s the video of it.

Here’s the dashcam that I use. Everyone asks me what I use all the time. Buy it on Amazon with this link and I get a small commission.

We somehow survived the night with our nuts intact. We headed out the next afternoon and turned towards good ol’ Route 66. The weather looked gnarly ahead, but at least it wasn’t going to freeze overnight.


It rained.
rainy windshield

route 66

The sun ended up poking out before it set.
sunset rv route 66

We were treated to quite a spectacular sunset, actually.
sunset over route 66

We slow cruised 66 until nightfall where we made camp along the side of the road for the night. No pics. No story.

Skipping forward to present time again, here I still am. I’ve been writing, editing, and uploading for about an hour and a half… here’s the last few pics from today. Tomorrow, Las Vegas.

Don’t jump, Bribri!

I made a cairn. I wonder how long it’ll stay there. Bijou, The Tiny Tina Turner dog investigates.

Lastly…don’t let Bribri fool you…she’s a Kung Fu Yoga Mofo.
Bribri does yoga

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  1. Prescott is awesome, but Sedona is freaking amazing! That storm that tore through was no joke. glad you guys were ok

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