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So, this year has been pretty slow in the riding realm for me so far… Normally, I’d have done at least a dozen or so trackdays by now…at LEAST. But not this year. So far, I’ve ridden exactly THREE trackdays. A Saturday/Sunday at NOLA Motorsports Park in New Orleans back in February, and now last Monday at Thunderhill.

joe riding ducati 848 evo at NOLA

Though I’ve only swung my leg over a sportybile a mere three times this year, I’ve actually gotten quite a bit of dirtybike riding in, not to mention quite a bit of some Scooter Doom seat time! :D

Here’s a few cell phone shots:
TTR dog valley ohv

Little half-pipe action on Scooter Doom. Hehe.
half pipe scooter doom

One of my favorite places to ride out here in the Reno Area; Dog Valley.
dog valley vista

Back to sportybile stuff; There was a bit of a SNAFU last Monday, as I had been asked to come shoot the private day…turns out, Dito from GotBlueMilk had also been asked a few months prior…long story short, a bit of miscommunication led to Dito shooting the day, and the organizers offering to let me ride. Here’s where I throw my shout out to Dave Moss. Dave is the MAN! Not only is he an amazing suspension WIZARD, but he’s also a really damned nice guy! :)

Dave let me ride his R1 and saved my day! :)

Dito hooked it up on the photos from Thunderhill too!

Bell Helmets sent me two new lids! Both the Star Rally Black Matte and the Star Rally Red. They are SOOOO freggin sick! Comfy as hell, look rad as hell, and the helmet bag that comes with them is straight up VIP! They also sent me the Vortex Arch Angel helmet for my penguin, Kinsy, as well! She hasn’t had a chance to wear it yet tho, as we’re still trying to get her bike put back together after her ex highsided it last year and handed her a trashed bike (so if you’ve got an 06-07 R6 parts you want to donate to an ailing photographer, lemme know! hehe).

Thanks again Bell, Dave, and Dito!

Looking like a savage in t10! I guess I didn’t forget how to ride!
joe riding dave moss r1 at thunderhill raceway in willows, ca

In T3
joe dave moss bell helmet turn 3 thunderhill r1

See you next time!
joe t14 thunderhill peace sign wave

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  1. Just catchin’ up.
    Those helmets look badness!!! I like it simple design its “robotic” design.

    I see your Tilt suit is still holdin’ up! good deal! :)

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