2012 – Year of the Dragon

Well, it’s been some time since my last post about fishies and stuff… since then, I’ve had hundreds of queries, asking me “What’s next?” Often, my reply had been something along the lines of “I’m just taking things as they come.” …and it was true…I was. Until now.

dragon caligraphy chinese

What’s changed? Well…nothing, really…I’m still the same ol’ schmuck I was before. White Kevin, aZn Kevin, Toe, Matt, Max…all the same goobers as before… :) I guess the venue has changed. No longer are the days of Z2 or Precision Trackdays…no more drama, no more whining, complaining, and pissing, and moaning (anyone catch that song reference?).

So far this year, I’ve already travelled across the country once to a new track on the AMA schedule: NOLA Motorsports. I’ve also got Fontana, Texas World Speedway, Nelson Ledges, Beaver Run, VIR, Carolina Motorsports Park, Barber, Las Vegas Motorsports, and even more NOLA Motorsports Park on the schedule. If all goes to plan, I’ll have the rest of the AMA tracks on the schedule for 2012 as well. I’ll know that soon. :D

I’ve not really got anything to speak of, really… I keep writing stuff, then deleting it..over and over… so I figure, if I’m trying this hard to write crap, then that means I’m trying too hard, and it’s not worth saying in the first place…

In closing, for now, I’ll leave you guys with a few tasty treats from this year so far.

Josh Herrin testing on the Superbike
josh herrin yzf r1 superbike yamaha factory testing las vegas

Josh Hayes, lighting up the rear for giggles.
josh hayes superbike yamaha factory testing las vegas

Shane Turpin hitting apexes
shane turpin inner course las vegas motor speedway

Scott Russell letting the world know he’s still got it…
scott russell mr daytona las vegas wheelie r1

“Did you see that?!?! Did you see that?!?!?!?” Hehe…yeah Scott, we saw it.
scott russell mr daytona wheelie las vegas

John Hunt in the esses at NOLA Motorsports Park.
NOLA new orleans motorsports park

Cory West looking scrunchy coming onto the front straight at NOLA Motorsports Park.
cory west vesrah suzuki nola new orleans

Who loves the 4? Scott, Shane, and Josh do! :D
scott russell shane turpin josh hayes

I did say Josh does too, right? ;)
josh herrin factory monster yamaha

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  1. YAY!!!!!! Your back!!!!

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