Day 2 of 10 Motorsports Challenge – Bribri

[day 2 of] ten freggin days posting motorsport related garbage. per usual, i’m bending the rules to make it fit what i think it should have been in the first place… and day 2 gets dedicated to my honey bunny, bribri.

i’ve ridden upwards of 600,000+ miles in my day…i’ve had so many ups and a few pretty hard downs in motorcycling. shit can get real pretty fuckin quick on two wheels. and if you get caught out, even for a SECOND, your life can change forever. in 2008, i had a pretty bad crash that was 100% my own fault…in fact, for those of you that have known me for a long time know my “com3” alias… and maybe you even remember back when i used to host the “com3 death rides”… it was on one such death ride that i ended up being life flighted off the mountain (mosquito ridge road again!). it was then that i decided i wasn’t fit to ride motorbikes on public roads any more… and for just over 7 years, i did not. i mean, i kinda cheated a few times in 2010 and did maybe 500-600 miles on the street, but aside from that, i was all dirt and all track.

i returned to the street in 2015 on my sweet ass FJ09 that’s i’ve playfully dubbed “The Mighty FJ” (even though it’s fragile as fuck). i did a buncha miles 2 up with my then girlfriend, kinsy, knowing that more than just my own life was on the line… “keep those wheels on the ground, joe!”

skip forward two years and i end up hanging out with bribri one night at the track… i’d previously crossed paths with this chick before…i mean, she WORKED for my arch nemesis, dito of notbluemilk… in fact, the first time i’d met her a couple years prior, the only words i could muster out of my mouth was “dang…you’re hawt.” she didn’t really like that at the time, but apparently i left a lasting impression, because that fateful night of august 26th, 2017, while sleeping in the back of my truck….rather, laying in the back of my truck, staring at the stars, and having some of the best conversation and the most laughs and the most honesty i’d had in MANY FUCKING YEARS until the fucking sun rose… i knew i couldn’t let her go. i stayed at the track another day just to hang out with her more… the next night was a repeat of the first, yammering, giggling, and watching the sun rise… i was scheduled to go back home to reno after that… but i didn’t… i stayed another night. i couldn’t get enough of ms brianna denny. she was [and is!] one of the most incredible, dynamic, funny, intelligent, selfless, and beautiful people i’ve ever fucking met in my life. listening to her stories had me captivated. even to this day, i love to hear her stories. anyone who really knows her totally gets what i’m saying (if you’re lucky enough to really know her).

since that amazing carters at the track weekend in 2017, brianna and i have shared so many adventures, both on and off the bike. we carry one another through life in a way that was never something i thought possible. i’d been in love before. but it was never a love like i feel now.

these days, i seldom ride solo anymore. whether on track, on the street, or even adv riding into the middle of oblivion, i always want bribri with me to share the experience. motorcycling had always been my escape in the past…but now…now i love it SO much fucking better having brianna with me to revel in the amazingness that is motorcycling.

i hope you enjoy our little gallery.

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