Somewhere, Not Sure Where

i headed up the mountain to go visit rweezy. i ain’t seen him in about 2 years, so i figured it was time for a surprise visit. i didn’t bring my camera, but i did bring the gopro..i took a few pics on the way home. nothing special.

did an oil and filter change at his shop really quick and threw on the obligatory 4theriders-red grips like i do to all my bikes. i can’t help it…dunno what it is…i HAVE to have red grips!

gsxr dirt road

smoking IS cool still, right?
gsxr dirt road

ground down granite roads
gsxr dirt road

this bridge was narrow and rickety
gsxr dirt road

i wish i lived there.
gsxr dirt road

i suppose tomorrow i’ll wash the bike and make ‘er all pretty.

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  1. lol ill see about getting a bike for u to ride triumph maby? have a co worker heading over seas to serv and he may be leaveing me to care for his bike..

  2. Nice pics bro. i may be swinging by this weekened if you are around to check out the bike and possibley take it for a spin. inretested in the way it handels now that it has nice tires and rev shift.

  3. Author

    only got one so far. :( gopro still hasn’t gotten back to me. i’m thinking i might have to scratch them off the list…i dunno.

  4. It would be nice to always have a gopro with me…wink wink, nudge nudge….

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