End of November Update

Well, in case you’ve been wondering what we’ve been up to… LOTS! We just recently wrapped up the final Rickdiculous Racing school of 2018…Also, we’ve shot a few expos! Totally out of our normal routine, I know, but still fun…in fact, I’ve learned more about side by sides and RV’s and travel trailers and such than I ever knew possible!

We’ve been shooting these expos and such for New Atlas, an online publication based out of Melbourne, Australia. My friend Loz is a writer there and he helped dial me in with the gig. I’m rather liking it.

A couple weeks ago, we shot the Mullin Auto Museum down in Oxnard, CA. Holy wow. Art Decco, but for cars. Check out the gallery here:


mullin auto museum race car art decco

Also, right after the Mullin Auto Museum, we shot the Sand and Water Expo in Lake Havasu, AZ… it was broken up into two different galleries:

Offroad, boats, and the likes: https://newatlas.com/sand-water-expo-2018/57288/

sand and water expo fastbacks jeep jk

RV and travel trailer stuff: https://newatlas.com/2018-sand-water-rv-expo-camper-gallery/57304/

sand and water expo off road overland

If you guys check out the galleries and peruse through the images, it really helps us out….so don’t be shy. :D In fact, I used Brianna as a prop in some of em…hehe…see if you can spot her. :P

Anyhow, we just shot the International Offroad Expo in Scottsdale, AZ…that gallery will be coming out soon. I’ve got some more stuff coming up tomorrow that’ll be completely unrelated to motorbikes too! Then it’ll be back to motorcycles on Monday with the YCRS school. :)

Thanks for reading and thanks for helping keep me motivated to do more!

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