Old Tucson, Arizona

Brianna and I recently went and did some touristy stuff. We’re pretty much constantly on the road, but 90% of the time it’s places we’ve been to over and over. Often times having taken the same route we’ve done a million times purely for efficiency’s sake. Now and again we’ll detour, time and money allowing, and check out something we’ve not seen before.

Old Tucson, Arizona is one such place. It’s basically a big western movie set. If I recall correctly, over 400 films have been shot there over the years. John Wayne, Clint Eastwood…even guys like Steve Martin and Chevy Chase! I thought it was pretty awesome. Even knowing there was very little historical significance outside of being a Hollywood set, it still felt very much Old West.

They have the entire day scheduled out with shows and tours that run pretty much every 30 minutes if you’re so inclined. You can walk about the park on your own accord if you’d like, but we opted to mostly follow the schedule they have laid out as there was lots of information and entertainment to be had. They serve beer and liquor at the bar. They’ve got some food and ice cream and all that other good stuff to aid you in parting with your money as well.

Here’s a map of what to expect:
old tucson map

Check out this scene of Old Tucson from the movie Death Wish

The road in is pretty fun. I didn’t take any pictures though…if you’re on a motorcycle, get ready for a short stretch of craziness. Hehe.

Parking is a breeze. The lot is super big and could even accommodate our 46 feet of beast-vehicle. No overnight parking though! And as an FYI, if you’re driving a big vehicle like an RV or something, DO NOT try and take Gates Pass Road in from the east off of the 10. You’ll end up getting to a sign that says “NO vehicles over 6 tons”. I guess local law enforcement likes to issue tickets as well. You have to come in from the south on Hwy 86.
old tucson arizona parking

The park is dog friendly, so we brought in the Tiny Tina Turner dog for a short while…the fake gunshots and horse drawn carriages and the likes freaked her out though, so we ended up putting her back in the RV after an hour or so.
dog friendly old tucson

They have several musical style shows throughout the day.
old tucson musicals

I was tinkering around with a BlueTooth remote shutter for my phone.
old tucson

This is the facade they made for the old movie Three Amigos with Steve Martin, Martin Short, and Chevy Chase. Looks to me like it’s still a good place to pick up chicks. Rawr.
old tucson three amigos

The park is surprisingly big with a fair amount to see. I recommend getting there as the park opens at 10 so you can catch all the shows and stuff.
old tucson arizona movie set western

As I mentioned about shows, they do live action stuff with guns and dynamite and everything! It’s pretty fun!
old tucson movie western set

The acting isn’t terrible either. The Hanged Man.
old tucson western movie set hanged man

Someone’s gon’ die today, boy!
old tucson western movie set hanged man

Chinese alley…I was a little dissapointed when I went through the door labeled “Chinese Herbs and Medicines” or something to that effect, and I ended up in jail.
old tucson western movie set china alley chinese china town

We got to take the train ride all to ourselves. Even being there on a weekend, it wasn’t super crowded.
old tucson movie set train ride

More singing and dancing.
old tucson movie set western singing dancing

The actors were great. They were super funny. They even played along when I asked them for some YMCA action. :D
old tucson movie set western

Some scenery. I think this is the only pic I caught of the train ride that goes around the park.
old tucson movie set

The conductor was reeeaaaal friendly if you know what I mean. ;)
old tucson train conductor

This is a real train named the Reno. It’d been in working condition for many years and in many films until 1995 when an arson set part of the town on fire…the train was damaged in the process and hasn’t worked since.
old tucson train reno arson

Gotta get that photo op!
old tucson kissin at church shame shame!

Trying to look cool. I’m not entirely sure why…or even that we look at all cool.
old tucson church movie set

It’s kinda like a petting zoo….but not. :P
old tucson movie set western films

One of the final shows for the day…there were guns and yelling and stuff.
old tucson movie set shootout

Some of my friends know that I have Yellow Fever…
old tucson movie set western

I’m not sure that I want to be “cured” though… hehe.
elixer old tucson movie set western

Here’s a google map of where Old Tucson is.

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