Thawing Out

The sun is out, and the thaw has begun. Its time to dust off your leathers, question the condition of the tires that sat all winter, change your oil, and for some…time to put their engines together again, and back in the frame.

I myself have plans. Big plans. For most of those that know me know that I have not had proper fairings on my motorcycle for a long long time. Not since I had discovered the joy… the ecstasy of riding a superbike with motocross handlebars (THANKS JOE!). Fun is as fun does, and fun got in the way of fairings; wouldn’t let me turn the bars all the way.

This is all changing this season. The bike—my bike—that silly little R1 that I have decided is too much hooligan for the street, is getting new-used custom painted fairings.

I can’t wait.


This month will be the first busy one in a long while in terms of photography, trackdays, and road trips. We have Fernley the first weekend, then later the second week we go to Vegas for Yamaha Champions Riding School, then the very next weekend its off to Inde Motorsports Ranch with Take it 2 the Track, and that same trip back to YCRS again. To cap the month we have Fernley and more Fernley. I love that track, so hopefully I have Roxanne (The R1) all sorted by then.

Mmmmmmmm, Fernley

Just to make it clear, I want you guys out there to come by and say hello. We (4TR) will be out there for you, with some cool new schwag, same old faces, and lots of bad ideas. If I look sad its because Joe hasn’t let me sleep, and I’m being made to sort pictures, but don’t worry, its all part of the game.

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