An Artist in Our Midst

Those of you that know Matt Taylor know that he’s a phenomenal artist. He’s a great photographer as well, and is responsible for 99% of those wide angle shots that you guys like, where the camera is sitting on the ground…

But enough about his photos…I wanna show you where his REAL talent is…

Pencil sketch of Chris McGuire [aka trackmoney] of CTracing in turn 2 at Thunderhill Raceway
chris trackmonkey pirelli r1 sketch

The dude is simply amazing. For those of you that’ve seen my “highside hurts” drawing as my avatar or on the 4theriders t-shirts…that was Matt’s doing (I was passing him around the outside on Mosquito Ridge Road when I highsided, and he drew that pic of me from memory).

highside hurts owned

Another work of his that I totally adore is his acrylic painting he did of Josh Hayes and Aaron Gobert in turn 11 at Infineon Raceway from a picture I took during the AMA supersport event a few years ago.

josh hayes aaron gobert infineon supersport honda factory

I just wanted to share a few of his pieces with you guys in hopes that you’d appreciate them as much as I do.

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  1. High side from memory… that’s funny.

  2. Sweet. You have any of those shirts left, mine’s all worn out. And I crashed in it once, just for irony’s sake.

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