Rickdiculous Racing

There’s a new crew in town! Rickdiculous Racing is a new school backing some names you might already know: Ken Hill, Shane Turpin, Garrett Willis, and Phil Horowitz. Adam and Josh, a father and son team whom are both avid riders as well, run the show. They’re also sponsoring new young gun racer Mario Alvarez for the 2014 AMA Supersport season!

Here’s a few pictures of the Ricks getting their Rick on. ;)

Garrett, on his ZX6 chases Mario on a school owned ZX10
kawasaki zx10 chuckwalla valley raceway CVMA CVR

Shane Turpin taking the fast way around the track at Chuckwalla Valley Raceway
chane turpin chuckwalla

Garrett showing the Young Gun, Mario, a thing or two
kawasaki zx6r green cvr

Chris Fillmore on his KTM RC8 made a guest appearance for a few days at the last school
chris fillmore ktm ama superbike rc8 orange

Dale Keifer having a little fun
dale keifer wheelie gsxr 1000 wheel stand cvr

Look where you want to go!
chris fillmore ktm ama superbike

All in all, KH Coaching sponsored by Rickdiculous Racing is a pretty amazing program. Tons and tons of 1 on 1 coaching. Lots of tracktime. No groups, sessions, squids, or anything else to worry about with only 6 to 9 people on track at the most, usually.

They’ll be hosting events this year at Chuckwalla Valley Raceway, Thunderhill Raceway, and Miller Motorsports Park. For their complete schedule, click here: rickdiculousracing.com/coaching/

Get your Rick on! :D

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