Fast Girls Camp

This past weekend, I got the opportunity to hang out with some seriously cool chicks! Not only that, but my seriously cool girlfriend got to RIDE with some seriously cool chicks! :D

Brok McAllister of hosted a special, women only event at the Prairie City Dirt Track. It was a hit. Kinsy learned a ton of stuff and had a bunch of fun doing it. I’m super proud of her. :) All the girls walked away as better riders with new skills, new friends, and new memories.

Check out their Facebook page and follow them:

Here’s some pics from the event!

Sara Probert gets her slide on
CRF230 honda slide girls that ride

Renee rides like a true bad ass!
flat track dirt track prairie city supermoto

Carrie airs it out

Kinsy with perfect form
perfect form

Cera Hinton gettin her BRAP on
brap cera hinton

Sarah Preston ain’t afraid to get on the throttle! And why is everyone named Sarah? ;)

The day 2 group of awesome women…and a few dudes.
women that ride california supermoto schools fast girls camp dirt training dtx

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  1. Whoop! Awesome girls, awesome weekend!
    but, no pics of me… :(

    1. Author

      i only saw you ride once for a minute…and i was sorting photos :(

      1. This is a great thing to see. We are seeing somnoee who is born with this talent and we get to see her progress with this. I think people get caught up in the Christian aspect of it and seem to be negative about her.What is she? She’s an 11 year old who paints what she sees in her mind. Does it matter if it not stylized as people think it should be? Again, when you hear this artist talk, she paints her dreams and what she sees in her mind. I think that’s true of a lot of artists.And for the people who are negative about her, it has drawn their attention too.Is this artist looking to be taken seriously in the art world? It does not seem that way. This artist is painting what she wants to paint and seems to love it.Children, even those called prodigies , have something to teach us and we put them off because they’re just kids. I love this and take it for what it is.

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