Racin with TTP

This past weekend was supposed to be Kev’s racing debut. A mere 2 weeks ago, he was registered to race with TTP in the Open Street Class…then the unfortunate happened; he fell down while riding with some friends on Wentworth Springs Road. He fractured his L1, 2, and 3, and one of his metacarpals. He was out from the weekend of racing.

kevin is angry

He was bummed.

“Don’t do it, Little Timmy! It’s just not worth it!”
kevin cntemplates doing it

I was bummed.

I was looking forward to watching him highside the gixxer to the moon! *CACKLES!*

Regardless of his pain, he decided that he was going to come with me to the event anyhow, if anything, simply to spectate.

We showed up to the track on Friday, as there was supposed to be open practice. We got there to find an empty paddock. There was no one there riding. We hung out for a little while and burned 1/3rd of a tank in the RallEment doing 4-wheel-drift-hotlaps of the various Reno Fernley Raceway configurations. *giggles*

Friday evening, before Kev and I retired to Dan’s Trailer of Awesomeness in Sparks, We stopped at 2WCP, a shop in Reno, so we could film the owner’s son in action..there will be video of that soon..including an epic highside from a 3 year old riding a fast-as-hell 2-stroke pocket bike and other misc retardedness…hahaha! You’ll have to keep posted for that to be released. buahahahhaaa!


But back to topic…

We showed up Saturday morning, ready for some epic racing action… My eyes didn’t really believe what I saw as I rounded the last bend before the gate as the paddock came into view…It was nearly empty. I was flabbergasted. Where the hell was everyone?!

I was immediately dissapointed at the low turn out. I didn’t understand it.

Regardless, I had a job to do. My job is and always will be, no matter how I may feel in my personal life or anything of that nature, to go out and take the best pictures I can of people doing what they love…

I’ll let the pictures complete the rest of the story…

Mastalka wins the “Looks like a damned savage beast!” award
justin mastalka rfr ttp racing

Gridding up for the first time

Tape up your lights, throw on some numbers, and RACE!
kawi race bike rfr

65 files, kev? I hope YOU’RE sorting those all out, not me!
kevin gopro 4theriders video

I’m still trying to think of reasons not to be at RFR for TTP…I can’t think of any…
umbrella girls hotties

The racing, even with only 12 racers, ended up being a hoot to watch. I bet it was even more fun to be out on grid!
ttp racing at reno fernley raceway

There were some great battles…especially the Dash For Cash race. It was AWESOME!
racing at rfr

Even though Bobby highsided his shit to the moon during the first heat race, he was able to get the bike back up and running and in the next race. Reports from the corner workers said that he was prolly around 15 stories in the air and did 37 cartwheels…judging by his skid marks, I almost believe it.
crash kawi elena myers old bike

bikini girls umbrella grid rfr

Mike’s first time ever racing a street bike… HOLESHOT!
holeshot novice racer

Gettin on the gas and goin fast!
wheelie mastalka power

Gettin on the gas and finishing LAST! ;) I’m just kidding Dan, you know I luff ya.. haha!
dan wheelie sv

Steve hunting Dan in the Hoot N Hollar
hoot n hollar

Dean leads Mastalka into T4 during the Dash For Cash Race

Did I mention that the racing was close?
close racing

Orrrrrr….maybe it was just Dan that was close racing? haha!
close racing

Steve has been stepping up his game. Every time he’s at the track, he’s going better and better. This last weekend was no different, as he finished 2nd in the street class.

Brian of SPL and Bobby had some great battles

What are you looking at, guys? :P

Peter took the overall in the Street Class. Congrats, dude!

Mastalka put the hurt on some foo’s on this little CRF450R contraption and took the overall on the licensed racer class.
crf450 race bike

Logan took first in the Dash For Cash, holding off both licensed and unlicensed racers for 10 laps! Congrats, homie! It was SUPER fun watching you out there!
logan wins first race

Sooooo….in closing, the weekend ended up being freggin awesome. The racing was intimate, everyone got to know everyone, and there were nothing but the biggest smiles I’ve seen in a long time from one end of the paddock to the other.

It was so awesome, in fact, that I’m absolutely STOKED for the next race. Sure, I’d like to see more people show up…I’d like to see more support from the locals…from da homies at SCR and SRF and BARF… but it was still totally a blast.

I’m glad I was part of it. See you at the next one in July! Go here for more info: http://www.ttpracing.com/

cute girl walks by and gets man's attention

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    1. nice write up Joe. I had a blast racing the event…don’t know why more people aren’t coming out, I know I’ll be back!

      1. Michael, More people are coming out, believe you me. This is more fun on two wheels than people will know what to do with.
        Especially the “Street Class” that requires normal trackday prep, only. Headlights and license plates are fine. I’ll be gridded up with you next time!

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