4theriders Trackday Sept 2nd, 2009

We’re doing it again! And I’m pretty excited this time. We learned a lot the last go around, so this time should be much more sane for me… I think I really internalized everything and made everything personal at the last one, thus causing me mucho stress.

After hearing nothing but positive feedback, and then slowly emerging from my cave and trying to look at the last trackday more objectively, I came to realize “wow, that WAS actually a great day!”

Therefore, join us on September 2nd, 2009, for another day of open tracked shenanigans and fun!

4theriders.com/trackday.php < Click there to read more and sign up!

Thanks everyone!

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  2. I’m in there like skinware. Should be a fantastic day. No crashing Rob’s bike this time! Sorry I waited until the last minute to sign up. See you Wednesday Joe.

  3. Hi There Joe.

    I’m a regular track day rider, You might remember me,
    Dirty Dan DeNuzzo tipped my SV650 over at his backwards trackday this year.
    Remember, last turn, on the last lap of the day.

    Dan is a real stand up guy, found and paid for all the parts to make the SV like new.

    I’m hoping to get in on your next trackday on the 2nd. How is the sing up list so far? I won’t be sure I can make it till next week. I will sign up in advance – But I need to wait until next week, If you still have room.

    Dirty Dan might make it as well.
    Another buddy of mine Dan Ramirez plans to sign up soon.

    I live in Sacramento, Should I pay through your web site, or I can drop the cash off to you before. Save the CC fee.

    Talk to you soon

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