Quick Ride to Grass Valley

I went for a short ride today. 229 miles on the odo. I’ve been so busy since I got home that I wanted to just stop working for the day and GO RIDE. I haven’t ridden my FJ09 much lately, so it had to be done. And it had to be done today, because it’s supposed to rain everywhere all weekend. Meh.

I headed out the door just before 10am. I grabbed my summer gloves… but took pause and stared at my winter gloves thinking that I should bring them, just in case. Afterall, I do live in Reno. Who freggin knows what’s gonna happen with the weather around here. I decided not to take them.

So, off I go. I have a loose plan: 395n, cut across 70 to hwy 49, and ride to Downieville, be back by 4 so that the family and I can go to the movies. :)

I didn’t make it 30 miles before I was literally cursing myself in my helmet… “Joe, you stupid dumb idiot…you HAVE saddle bags. You HAVE the room to carry stuff. WHY THE HELL DIDN’T YOU BRING THE WARMER GLOVES!? God, you’re SOOOO DUMB!” By the time I got around Loyalton, I saw 47 degrees on the ambient temp gauge. So dumb.

fj09 selfie loyalton
“Joe, you’re fired.”

I pressed on, thinking to myself that I was probably going to turn around soon…It doesn’t look so bad in this pic, but the roads were sanded for many miles.

hwy 89
At least it looks pretty.

I pressed on “for just a few more miles”, because, afterall, I’m a giant retard.

hwy 89
A bit snowy. A bit sandy.

And because I love the thrill of adventure.

fj09 mt09 tracer
A river runs through it.

The Sierra Nevada is so amazing. I absolutely love these mountains. They’re so diverse, and around any corner you’ll find some sort of beautiful vista.

mt09 tracer fj09 fz09 sierra nevada
Snowy peaks.

I rummaged thru the forest a little bit.

mt09 tracer

I stopped in Sierra City for a Redbull.
joe grumpy cat

I stopped at some other place as well along the river. I dunno where, and cleaned off the trillion bugs from my visor and stuff.

I just upgraded my phone from Kit Kat to Marshmellow…and it has a new, fun feature with the selfie camera: hold your hand up, palm facing the camera, and it’ll start a 2 or so second timer and snap a photo! makes for good fun when you’re alone in the forest! :D

rock on
I wasn’t having any fun at all.

Somewhere on hwy 49.

I ended up riding all the way to Grass Valley before turning around. The weather turned from cold to uh-maze-ing. I wanted to just do laps.

But then I went home. And it was cold again. And it rained on me.

The end.

riding selfie
When the going gets tough…just turn your hand upside down and ride thru it. ;)

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