Full of FAIL

That’s right. FAIL of epic portions.


Toe finally got everything together and the FAIL bike is done!

So we took some static shots of the bike…

And then the FAIL bike promptly failed it’s ass off.


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  1. Gold!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. that is funny stuff right there!

    1. I’m in communications class at my shocol. Its required if your in business academy. In America, all high shocols have special academys for what you want to do later in life. And when you sign up for an academy, you have to take certain classes for it. To succeed in business, we need to communicate. I love that class too, we learn a lot.

  3. you need a FAIL helmet to complete the picture!

  4. Nice work. Fooled me. I saw that bike all weekend and thought it said Fiat. Corporate brainwashing works great. I picked up on the Poser part on the leathers though.

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