The Raddest of Round 5

this is the raddest r6 you’ll wish you had

the raddest canopy you’ll never own

the raddest line through turn 10 you’ll never want to take

this is the raddest tattoo you’ve ever seen.

the raddest chick you’ll ever meet

the raddest honda element on earth

the raddest bumper sticker not on a bumper

the raddest race team you don’t want to be on

the raddest way to start a race

the raddest camera to get badass angles

the raddest signs for your fun mover

the raddest heap of melty stuff in turn 13

the raddest corner workers out there to take care of your bits

the raddest cameraman and editor in the biz

the raddest place to take a nap

and finally… the raddest group of friends you’ll ever hope to have that will fulfill your final dying wishes and memorialize your life by spreading your ashes at the place you loved so much. may you forever rest in peace, eric arnold, and you will be remembered in our hearts forever.

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  1. I always look at your pictures on SBR, never had a chance to look at your blog, glad i did. You are one rad dude.

    Amazing pictures. If you are ever in the city around Sutter street and Leavenworth, I own a to-go sandwich shop called bite, will be my pleasure to treat you and your company.

    Great pictures, keep it up.

  2. Author

    it was good closure for me, dave. i mean…with everything that happened to eric, there were so many emotions. from sadness to happiness to downright anger and confusion. i’m glad eric has been finally put to rest. i hope everyone gets that same closure i now feel.

  3. Joe,

    Thanks for having a team to put this together. It is very moving, reflects the agony and angst yet the laughter and love that all of us go through with Eric’s passing. It was an emotional service but Eric is where he wants to be with his 2nd family, and we will forever remember him as we crest T1.

  4. The raddest megapixel abuser on the planet. You rock Joe.

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