How to Make Friends and Influence Bikes

Here’s some random footage taken over the last few months…99% of which has never been seen before.

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  1. @rick: werd. :) i just don’t get into debates anymore with people who don’t know. :D

  2. john, :56, if you knew the road as that guy does,very well as myself, you know you can see way beyond that corner as you enter and exit, experieced riders can ride fast and still ride safe ,as that guy” has been riding for 30 years with not one mishap .

  3. That shit at :56 aint right.
    I love riding motorcycles fast, been doing it for more of my life than I haven’t. I’ve certainly never held the law to any high regard. I think pushing the limit and taking risks are hugely rewarding, and if that doesn’t justify doing something crazy I just get off on it being fun. When I see guys I’m riding with blast off blind on-coming lane shit like that I think, ‘Do I want to be out here holding my friends hand while I watch blood pour out of his helmet while he dies here in the middle of the street after he nails the front of a car he didn’t see, or would I rather be about anywhere else’
    I’ve been sent home many times by my answer to that question.
    The video was pretty great though.

  4. badass! thanks for the vid, please make more

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