The 2010 AFM Banquet Film

This video was created as a “Thank you” to everyone in the AFM, as well as a “thank you” to the early adopters of our video services this year. Without them, this video wouldn’t be what it is. We appreciate all of your support over the years. :)

This film is free and will not be for sale.

If you want to show your support for the time it’s taken to make this video…buy some pictures! Or sign up to have a personal video made for you at a future AFM round! If you want a hard copy of it, shoot us an email.

Thanks again, everyone! Here’s to 2011! :)

This non-profit film was put together for the awards banquet for the 2010 AFM racing season.

Inspirational speech by John Doman and Versus TV
Music by Apocalyptica and Explosions in the Sky

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  1. Best 4.37 of my week!

    Joe, I wanna book you guys for a vid and some pics……only issue is I’m in Australia, wanna come shoot and tour this brown land? :)

  2. I just keep pressing play :) I catch something new every time!

  3. By all math standards Kevin should not be so damn good, I know many that have been doing this for many years with the cutting edge equitment and do not come close to this Brovo!!!! Kevin/ 4theriders Man you guys this is over the top, the best I have seen by far…. Chris-

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