Few Changes for 2011 and Jumps

Hey everyone. I just wanted to post a quick update on a few changes for 2011. I’ve been getting a lot of email and phone calls and texts and the likes asking me “ZOMG, IS IT TEH TRUES!@!>?”

Yes, it’s true.

4theriders is no longer shooting for Zoom Zoom. Why? Simply put: we’ve just got different ideas and are headed in different directions. :) We’re still friends. There’s no bad blood. Dito of GotBlueMilk will be shooting for Z2 instead.

Also, something I’ve not yet announced publicly until now: 4theriders will be the official photography company for Reno Fernley Racetrack! Whooooo hooooooo!! For those of you that know me, you know that I freggin LOVE RFR. It’s my favorite track!

And as icing on the cake, RFR has told me that they’re making some big changes to their infrastructure! I hear that there’s going to be new pavement in sections and some other goodies that everyone will love. I don’t have “official word” on what’s been done yet, but I’ll definitely keep you guys posted when I know. :D *STOKED!!*

How about a 24 shot panoramic view of RFR as seen from the bowl? Click for the big picture…I mean BIG!

reno fernley raceway racetrack panoramic

Video stuff is taking full steam this year too. We’ve got a few projects in the works that are going to take some time, but should TOTALLY be worth it. We can’t give out any details just yet… Except that SHIFT Racing, Arai Helmets, CTRacing, and GoPro Cameras have really stepped up to the plate for us, and for YOU!

We are still offering custom, personalized videos to the public, however we will be very limited as to how many customers we can take on this year. If you want to have a video like this done for ya, don’t wait too long to book your slot. :)

In closing, I leave you with these few images to think about for a few minutes… *giggle*

toe jumps scooter doom at laguna seca

rory almost loops the kawi

dan and matt fire jump xr100

cory jumps his zx10 really high at thunderhill

rweezy launches his r1 over a spillway sportbike jumps super high streetbike

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