2018 AFM Season Finale at Thunderhill

I’ve mostly been away from AFM the last two years. This year, I made an effort to be at all the rounds I could; two of em, to be precise. There are so many new bikes, new faces, and new names that I kinda feel like the old-out-of-place-guy. But no worries…I’ve got a camera, and I know how to fucking use it. :D

This round, Tomas came and helped me out on Saturday. I had to shoot some stuff on the west side, so I couldn’t give my full attention to AFM on Saturday until about 2:30pm… So some of these pics are Toaster’s pics.  He’s pretty much a BAMF with a camera too.

Also, Kevin came and busted out the video equipment. For those of you know don’t know Kevin—most of you, I’m sure—he’s pretty much spent most of his last 10 years with 4theriders behind-the-scenes…he’s the guy that brought you your favorite motorcycle video:

So…no official word on what may be coming yet…but I’ll keep you posted. ;)

Anyhow, I just wanted to post up a few pics that I enjoyed from this weekend. It was the final round, so I feel like it deserves a small recap in photos. Enjoy. If you wanna see every single one of 6084 photos we took, then they’re online here: http://4theriders.com/pics.php?loc=/pics/2018/AFM-R7/

Andrew Lee on his #1 plate Kawasaki ZX10.
andrew lee number one plate kawasaki

Sebastio Ferreira in turn 11.

Pretty cool seeing Alan come back…and then stack up against roughly 600hp on the Baby Ninja…note, he’s also doing the best wheelie
alan cunningham feel like a pro

All these noobs these days are throwing down 55’s like they’re free!
sam cbr600rr

Yamaha, Kawasaki, KTM… all piloted by some of the coolest chicks around.
afm thunderhill

Not many SV’s around these days. I remember a dozen years ago when the field was STACKED with 60 or more Suzuki SV’s out there. Kalvin is still haulin the mail on this one though!
sv650 twf thunderhill

Little bikes need love and respect too…if not, they’ll throw you on the ground every bit as fast as a 600-750-1000-yut-uggghhhh!
kawasaki crash

It gets pretty sticky around the podium just after lunch for the Formula Pacific Winner Circle celebration.
formula pacific winner circle

When student become masta’. :D
z2 racing eric kondo thunderhill afm

Teamwork. I love watching GoGo race. I love watching GoGo’s girl support him at the races.
gogo gotagteam ktm superduke supermodel yeehaw thunderhill afm

Trophies were on point this round.
trophy afm thunderhill

Friends lean on one other in times of speed.
thunderhill afm racing

Couples that race together stay together! Unless they’re on the same grid, same row…and Valentine hole-shots the hell out of Patryk…then…I’m not sure how the drive home is gonna go. :P
valentine welch thunderhill afm

There was a decent showing of Pacific North West racers this round. I guess with the winter season already having arrived up there, what better place to go than Norcal to get your two wheel fix?
duston walbon afm thunderhill

Father and son. Eddie with the pit board for Andrew
andrew lee racing kawasaki afm thunderhill superstock

Thumbs up all around! Thanks for reading!
lupita flap feel like a pro thunderhill afm 2018


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  2. Thanks For Being there! Good To see You!

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