Doing Truck Things – Toyota Tacoma

It never fails…whenever I travel somewhere in my Tacoma, I have this burning desire to go on an adventure. You see, the Toyota Tacoma TRD Off Road has been my DREAM truck for many, many years. Since I was a kid, I thought the Taco was the bees knees. I’ve always loved the Tacoma. It’s just bad ass.

It goes anywhere, does anything, and even Top Gear wasn’t able to kill the Tacoma (Hi Lux) after smashing it with a caravan, demoling a building with it on top, letting it float out to sea, and even setting it on fire. Who wouldn’t want a truck like that? Besides Vegans…they don’t want anything cool…

About a year ago, Kinsy and I finally made my dreams come true and we bought a 2010 TRD Off Road. //me faps.

Anyhow, today at Miller Motorsports Park, it started to rain. My very first thought was to go bonkers in the nearby mountains…so, after warming up for a few mins in the off-roading park at MMP, I set off for a 3 hour adventure.

toyota tacoma trd off road articulation flexing
Flexing wicked

taco love flexing
This truck is just dead sexy!

I checked google maps really quick to get an idea of which direction I wanted to go…This canyon caught my attention. I didn’t realize it was gonna be as picturesque as it is!

birch forest

It looked like it was a climbers paradise! There were tons of quick draws anchored into the rock face.

quick draw mcgraw

I may have ended up in a creek somehow… *giggles* I wanted to go further up the creek, but a tree had fallen across it and I couldn’t.

creek driving

It rained on me for part of the drive.

There were cows. Lots of cows.

And so, I’m driving up this hill, no big deal, when my phone rings. It’s Kinsy. I told her that I was in the middle of a hill climb and I’d have to call her back. Haha! Seriously, that really happened.

My view from the cockpit

I jumped out to take a pic to show Kinsy exactly what I meant when I said I was doing a hill climb.

I promise, it was far, far steeper than it looks

Today was a good day. Tomorrow, Kinsy is taking the Rickdiculous Racing school. Tomorrow will be a good day too.

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