Mt Lemmon, Tucson, AZ

I’d heard about Mt Lemmon and I’ve been wanting to go up there for about a year or so. Today was the day.

We were running a day ahead of schedule to get to Inde Motorsports Ranch, so we stopped at a friend’s house in Tucson to stage for a ride out to Mt Lemmon.

A quick summary: don’t go up there on the weekend if you wanna rip and have some fun. I’m pretty sure we saw every single license plate from all 50 states about 6 times each. However, the views are breathtaking. I wasn’t mad about the 35 mph speed limits or all the quacks in cages doing 27 mph because soaking it all in is well worth it.

If there was less traffic and less law enforcement, it’d be a decent run. It’s only about 25 miles of fun and there’s no outlet. It’s a there-and-back kinda ride. I don’t know of any other fun twisties in the Tucson area though.

mt lemmon aerostich
All about that ‘stich life.

mt lemmon summit
It was 71 degrees on the valley floor. at 8000+ feet at the top of Mt Lemmon, it was 41 degrees. Brrr.

mt lemmon
We did some adventure riding on the mountain.

racer gloves usa

mt lemmon tucson arizona
The views EVERYWHERE are just awesome!

mt lemmon tucson arizona
Brianna contemplated the meaning of life and everything and came up with 42.

mt lemmon tucson arizona
I am the ruiner of all the pictures!

mt lemmon tucson arizona
While my Aerostich R3 suit is the absolute BEST piece of motorcycle riding gear I’ve EVER owned…I’ll be honest, it’s not super great for climbing…

On the way back down from Mt Lemmon, we detoured a bit and explored some schwanky neighborhoods around that area.

mt lemmon
I was told Shaq has a house over here.

We weren’t ready to go back to our friend’s house yet, so we detoured again and rode a bunch more dirt miles out E Reddington Rd. There were a LOT of off roaders and side by sides out there.

e reddington rd ohv tucson arizona
Brianna practicing her sweet pee-pee dance moves.

…So then we turned around and went back to the RV. Lulz.

Here’s the Mt Lemmon route:

Here’s the East Reddington route. 99% of it is dirt…but it’s pretty fun. Mostly hardpack.

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