CBR 600RR Crashes Hard at Thunderhill

A guy on a cbr hits some cones set up at the end of pit wall to keep people from entering the track too far to the left while riders are hauling the mail down the front straight. The cone lodged into his front tire, locking it briefly, causing him to do an insane stoppie before being pitched over the bars.

Toe caught the last few shots of the crash sequence as he was sliding, but witnessed most of the crash. He radio’d over saying he’d never seen a stoppie before like this guy did.

The rider was mostly okay…bumps, bruises, and a skinned up right hand.

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  1. Amazing, love the editing.

    A big advertisement for the Knox scaphoid protection system; this guy is wearing RS Taichi’s flagship gloves that have it. The sliders in the palm prevent you from grabbing at the asphalt.

  2. Yeah, the ideal line is to get as close as possible to the outside before taking turn1. Unfortunately, it looks like he got just a little to close to the cones and hit them which isn’t so hard to do at 130MPH and a light gust. The cones are a good reminder to keep riders from going to far right into the pit lane and riders entering the track to stay to the outside but cones reek havoc when they are dispersed or when riders hit them. I don’t think they should place cones there. The rider blasting down the straight will always beat anyone coming onto the track and can pick their line. You just have to enforce that all riders entering the track need to stay to the outside until after turn1. Glad to see he’s okay.

  3. That is some prett spectacular footage… Never seen anything like it. So why was he plowing over the cones anyway, is that the line and I have been doing it wrong all along?

  4. thats insane glad to see hes ok

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