Is It Really May?

This past weekend, Tomas the Terrible joined me after a brief hiatus for some 24 Hours of LeMons action up at Reno Fernley Raceway as well as shooting a wedding for a racer friend of ours.

We headed out Thursday night as there was a Friday practice for all the LeMons Racers.

What is The 24 Hours of LeMons? Well, put frankly, it’s a 24 hour endurance race where people buy pieces of shit cars for $500 or less, put all kinds of ridiculous decorations and whatnot on them…

sheen machine lemons rfr

…and go banzai until:

1) their junker explodes

lemons 300z explodes explosion reno fernley raceway

2) their ill-handling pile careens off the track and crashes

cheetors spin out

or 3) they are epic studs, and thru some sorta crazy chance, they finish the race the next day and potentially win fifteen hundred dollars in nickels.

crazy lemons car

Yeah, nickels….which, in case you weren’t sure, weigh something like 330lbs.

1500 in nickels

It’s pretty much impossible to summarize how freggin rad the 24 Hours of Lemons race was. It was SOOO much fun.

See for yourself! Just look thru the MISC folder from the weekend alone!

hottie with mustache

We also shot a wedding. Weddings are fun. TOTALLY different than shooting at the track…it’s own whole new set of challenges. I’d like to think we did a good job though. :D I know I at least LOOKED GOOD while doing it…

joe is a stud muffin

beautiful girl wedding picture

cake smashed into face

Wait…oh yeah… the title of this blog post has something to do with May in it… why May? Well, cause mother nature done turned beast-mode on us or something.. It pretty much snowed every night!

We had an uneventful drive up…
driving in the element

On the way home, we had to sneak past chain control and backroad nearly the entire trip back…here’s a few snips of the return trip…

Our route took us here
donner pass snowy

and made me do this
licking mother nature

while toe did that
toe pees

and yes, i made it up that…a buncha times.
pondering with the element

I don’t feel like writing anymore…it’s late, I’ve already been on the computer for nearly 10 hours straight…and… well…

joe and toe BFF

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