Not What I’d Hoped For

My weekend started off on a bad note. Friday afternoon, I started feeling sick. I dunno what the hell is up with me the last year or so… I had pneumonia in December…then AGAIN in March… it’s like I have AIDS or something…just without all that nasty HIV part. :/

So Friday afternoon, I’ve got the stuffy/runny nose and a cough. Friday night, I feel like death. Saturday morning, I wake up to an awesome surprise of feeling so crummy that I want to die, but Lisa comes to the rescue with a round of leftover antibiotics! WHOOO!

//begin antibiotic, cough-drops, and DayQuil regiment.

Saturday was SCCA PDX. Basically, it’s a sort of time-trials solo race event thingo where people in fancy cars try and lap the track as quickly as possible, and at the end of the day, whoever goes fastest wins. I’m not entirely sure that there’s even trophies or anything.. it appears as though it’s simply a timed trackday for bragging rights. I could be wrong though…I’m still learning about this car stuff.

nissan gtr rfr fernley scca pdx

We hoofed it double-time Saturday morning because we knew we were going to be gone for a few hours mid day for another event—which I’ll get to in a minute—so that way we’d have the best variety of pics of everyone out there on track. We shot non-stop from about 9:30 until 11:45.

scca charger rfr

This “other event” was a charity bikini bike wash held over at 2 Wheel Custom Performance in Reno. We thought it’d be great to get some PR shots and the likes. So we hang out there for about an hour and a half takin pics of bad ass bikes and good lookin girlies…

zx14 sick paintjob bikini wash

r1 paint wash

schfifty five

little homie gets bike washed

shower me

I took a slight detour on Josh’s F800GS…right after he’d gotten it washed… and did about a 30 minute loop along the top of some mountains, thru mud and sand and grit and other burliness…THANKS JOSH! Sorry you had to wash it again!

f800gs wash

Then we get back to the track to unload all of our photo goodness…and a memory card dies. Half of everything we’d shot all morning was lost, inlcuding half the bikini wash shots…


We went back into double-time mode…shot more, sorted more, shot more, sorted more… the day ended, sales were dismal, and we retired to Dan’s Trailer of Awesomeness for some much needed rest.

Sunday was the first ever SCCA Rally-X at RFR.

It was pretty fun.

lancer evo x rfr rally

It was pretty dusty.


It was pretty gnarly.

rally car

We shot all day. And lost more money.

We left the track, dirty, dejected, exhausted, and in the red…

dirt, dejected, dusty

Once fueled up and on the road, Matt says “you feel like going on an adventure?” Heh…I’m not one to ever turn down an adventure, especially after such a bogus weekend. So we did a ~30 or so mile loop into BFE somewhere between Fernley and Sparks. Got some pretty rad pics too, is even making me want to change my car for a fastest one, since I know that for pretty old cars you can just get a Car Pickup for Charity service to take it from you in case you get a new one.

honda element sulphur mines

rallement over the vista

joe next to sulphur erosion

joe jumps giant canyon

matt gets air

The End.

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