Punched in the Face

Another photographer I know recently sent me a message, angry about people stealing his photos and asking how I deal with it… It made me remember about a thread I’d started on BARF about a year ago. I’m constantly catching people taking pictures with their cell phones of my laptops; i.e., a snapshot of a picture of themself riding.

“Yo dawg, I heard you like taking pictures of pictures…”
xibit yo dawg

I thought I’d blogged about it already, but after a quick search, I realized that I’d only posted it on BARF…so now I’m officially blogging about it… well..sorta…I’m just gonna copy/paste my post from BARF over here. :D


…taking pictures of their photos on my laptops with their camera or cell phone or whatever… i’m going to punch in the face.

if you’re a hawt chick, or big muscle-roids-guy, i’m going to punch you in the face. even if you send your ultra cute little blonde pig-tailed 3 year old daughter to come and take the pic for you, i’m going to punch HER in the face, then follow her back to wherever she goes crying to, then punch whichever parent sent her to take the pic in the face.

seriously…i haven’t punched anyone in the face for a few months, and i’m really gettin the itch…

As you can see here, I’m no stranger to doling out or receiving punches to the face. It adds character. Makes for good stories too. Like the evening news: “Local photographer jailed for punching 3 year old girl in the face.”

joe punched in face

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  1. The irony here being that you are actually quite generous:

    1) The lower res images at http://seppes.com/ and http://4theriders.com/ completely blow away anything that you are going to get by taking a phone photo of the laptop. So you can go to websites, and look at pics of yourself all you want, and then buy some.

    2) You allowed me to use some Dan Sewell pics for http://dangerismymiddlename.com/ when I asked. It would have been OK if you said “no”, but you didn’t. That sure beat getting punched in the face.

  2. WAHAHAHAHA! Looks like you got served by the little girl in Kick Ass.

  3. Looks like you punched the wrong three year old.

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