Dashing Through the Snow

4theriders had a snow day. 11 of us came, only 3 returned. we left the dead for the bears. we have all kindsa video footage, including riding 2 up down a goat trail covered in mud and snow, carnage, towing sleds, ramming mountains…everything we could think of. hehe.

we’ll start with a “moto” so it’s relevant…hehe.

kevin, beating on my scooter.

shift makes some sexy lids!


and tons of carnage…

a-la pastrana?

i swear, that looks like a “4” in the snow


it’s funny, as long as it’s not you that’s on your head!

big air

“oops! i did it again!”

NOT snow tires. hehe.

more moto! hahahaha!

and..lastly… this is how my scooter looks after all is said and done. haha!


another participant to the day took a few pics as well.. here’s 2 of em that he took of me!

joe and kevin crash on purpose

joe gettin crazy in the snow

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  1. Damn my working and not being able to go :(

    Looks like a BLAST!

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