Bringing Christmas to Others. Moto style.

I have an abnormally non-celebratory set of parents when it comes to things like holidays. So, since Christmas came and went (please no “that’s what she said” jokes), I decided to gather my resources and bring Christmas to a deserving family.

My main source of helping hands was through a variety of local riders: Sac Riders Forum, Sac Crotch Rockets, Central Valley Riders Forum, and even Throttle Worx. Regardless of how much anybody pitched in to help, it is greatly appreciated. Except for whoever donated the stuff that fell off the back of their motorcycle (kidding). Many people want to offer their time to help out for a good cause and instead of having those people search, I found them.

Christmas day roughly at 9:00am we met up with gifts attached to bikes and in my truck. There were a total of 14 of us that attended and several more who donated. We arrived at the family’s house and set up a pre-lit tree and started distributing the gifts to the family. The family was very appreciative to see a group who often doesn’t get such recognition, sport bike riders. Of course the pre-teen and teenage boys loved the whole moto scene so it made for good times.

I know it’s not politically correct, but Merry Christmas! … And Happy Holidays. Be safe out there!



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  1. It is so exciting to know that there are such wonderful people in the world like all of you. I’m sure the family is more than GRATEFULL/THANKFULL.YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME!

  2. Next time I’ll bring the camera and film! Nice job!

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