Damn, just a few days ago I swear it was sunny outside, but no longer. My hills and twisty roads have transformed from something beautiful and fun to something terrifying, dark and full of high-side. Every turn to me screams all of a sudden “No! Don’t do it! I’ll make your life horrible”. So what else is a man to do but turn in, hide the bike under a cover, or inside a garage and wait for better days? Well, of course that all does seem rather silly, especially because supermoto exists, but still, the weather puts a bit of a damper on riding.

So there is free time, time that could be spent DOING something, and doing something I do choose to do! A project is usually a great way to use that time, a great way to have something new and exciting come springtime, and lastly a great way to sink tons of money into something else slightly outside of one’s budget. This year I have decided to revive a 2002 crashed to hell R1 now named Roxanne.

So meet her, in all her glory as I transform her from bashed step-child who was crashed and mistreated to burly streetfighter badass…that will probably be crashed and mistreated (but in a much more photogenic way!).

And of course because the whole build is not really “planned” so much, any productive input will be taken in. The only thing that stays set in stone, is she WILL be streetfightered. Fairings suck, and I don’t want them.


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