Wee’n – Day 2

Tongs and I woke up bitterly cold and dry as could be, 8am’ish.

We we decided to share a nylon homestead (because we’re lazy). That and I was afraid of it getting too cold to sleep comfortably, so I forced Tongs to share a tent that evening. Good thing I demanded shared tent warmth, because it was pretty frigid during the night! I slept with a beanie on and multiple layers in my summer bag with a thermo-liner.

I will never learn… Ugh.
Early June rides should require a cold weather bag, not my summer sleeping bag! 

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Wee’n – Day 1

Well, it was that time of year again. That time of year to take out our Wee’s and play with them in the sunshine. 

Let me introduce myself and my riding partner/best friend to all you internet strangers. 

The Hack (me): 
I received the nickname “The Hack” many moons ago after probably fixing something with wire nuts and liquid electrical tape (which still resides deep in my Wee). Or because of the plethora of my motorcycles labeled “shitbikes” over the years. 

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Hi, my name is Grant, and I am an addict.

I really love motorcycles. My dreams consist of brap noises, going on trips into the unknown and I even love commuting in dense bumper to bumper traffic.

But face plants, pavement love’n, concrete jungle yard-sales, flips into ditches and pitbike loops happen to the best of us. Some of us have these encounters with pavement far more often than most… But the point of this post is not in regards to the actual crashing aspect so much, or even the causes of said bone shattering blaps.

I want to dive into the “post crash” lifestyle of motorcyclists.

Pre-Crash Grant:

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