The 12 Step How to Replace the FJ09 Oil Pan

So, as some of you guys know already, I cratered the oil pan on my FJ09 while riding two up with Kinsy on Carmel Valley Road over xmas. All 3 quarts of yummy synthetic 10w 40 splooged everywhere. On rear tire, the undercarriage, the saddle bags, and even on the backpack Kinsy was wearing. Everywhere. Instant slip-n-slide-deathride.

dead fj09 tracer

So I recently fixed the bike and I took pics throughout the process.

EDIT// here’s the FJ09 FZ09 MT09 updated oil pan part number: B56-13400-00-00

Step 1) Stare at the bike for an incredibly long time, hoping that it will somehow fix itself, only to realize that it will not. And be dissapointed by this fact.

fj09 mt09 tracer oil pan broken

Since I had oil all over both tires, I had to replace both front and rear. So I had to put the bike up on stands. Something I’ve done a thousand times before…but alas, the FJ doesn’t always cooperate…I pulled the spools off my GSXR, since it was easily accessible in my tiny and crammed-with-bikes garage… only to realize that Yamaha uses 6mm threads and Suzuki does not. So I dug the R6 out from the depths and took those spools instead.

Step 2) Remove the pesky ABS sensor so that your front stand will actually go under the fork legs.
mt-09 trace fj-09 abs sensor

Now that it’s up…20 minutes later, I’m ready to rock and roll:
yamaha faulty oil pan

Step 3) Front tire off. One pinch bolt? Well, that’s easy enough. It’ll give you more room to fumble around with the headers. I suppose this is an optional step, as you don’t HAVE to pull off the front wheel if you don’t have oil all over it like I did.
mt09 tracer fj

Step 4) Remove the o2 sensor. This part was a little scary. Unclip it from the retainer for maximum slack so you don’t twist the wire right in half. It felt like it was never going to stop unscrewing.
fj09 o2 sensor

Step 5) Headers. I loosened up the front first so that when I pulled the bolts from the cat, it wouldn’t put too much stress up front. I’m just OCD tho.
mt09 headers

Be sure to often point at the nuts and bolts pointedly. You can even tell it who the boss is outloud. It’ll help.

Step 6) The two rear exhaust bolts. I musta forgot to take a pic of em…but they’re behind the rearsets. simple enough. #12 T-Handle FTW!

It took me a minute to figure out, but if you rotate the exhaust clockwise as you see in the pic while simultaniously cursing and spitting, the catalytic converter WILL fit through the center stand. It’s not necessary to completely pull it out tho, as I found out later…I just kinda kneeled on my left knee while holding the headers with my hands and using the toe of my right shoe to modulate the centerstand until I got it to break free.

fj09 full exhaust

Pay attention to the exhaust washers. Make sure they don’t fall out when you put it all back together. And try not to accidently get any blinker fluid in there either.

mt-09 tracer

Step 7) Remove all seven hundred bolts from the oil pan/strainer cover.

yamaha fj-09 strainer cover

Step 8) Um…I’m not 100% sure what this part is…but you have to take it off. It’s easier if you loosen it up, then pop it out once the oil pan is off. It’s probably important, so try not to break it.

fj09 strainer cover

VIOLA! With a gentle tug from the corner, the FJ’s panties hit the floor. Here, you see the FJ09’s gentleman’s sausage….which is odd, because mine’s a girl…

gentlemans sausage

Step 9) Scrutinize your new and your old oil pan, side by side. Curse Yamaha for their terrible design in the first place. Silently rage, thinking about how Yamaha should be GIVING these updated oil pans away to every single MT09/FZ09/FJ09 owner in the world, with hand written apologies for endangering your life, the lives of your loved ones, and the life of that old granny you just nearly took out while skidding your way to a stop.

yamaha fail

Step 10) Do everything you just did again, but in reverse order. Like if you’re rewinding an old cassette tape. Have fun. It helps to have a second set of hands to hold the cat while guiding the headers back into their magical home.


Step 11) Remove your oil saturated rear wheel. And place it next to the front wheel. Take a moment to admire the fact that even with tires saturated in oil while traveling at 35-40mph, you still have the skills…nay, the PANACHE to wrangle the Sausage Creature and shout “FUCK NO! NOT TODAY, THANK YOU VERY MUCH!” and bring it in safe and upright. Then you should flex and kiss your biceps for added effect.

oil saturated tires

naked fj09 on stands

Step 12) Spend hours of your time cleaning vigorously. Use many nitrile gloves and paper towels on the non-sexy-painted parts, like the engine and swingarm and underbelly before finishing up with microfiber towels and polish on everything else.

I enjoy Simple Green. It’s even safe to consume in small quantities. And you can feed it to your wife’s plants if you run out of water.

simple green

REASEMBLE AND YOU’RE DONE! No longer is the oil pan the lowest portion of the motorcycle!

PS – don’t forget to shine them new tires up!

tire shine armorall

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  1. Coupla things:

    You don’t need to unscrew the O2 sensor from the exhaust, it can be unplugged nearby.

    The oil lever sensor can be removed with a gentle wiggle before pulling the pan, kinda of a bad idea to manipulate the pan while it’s still connected, potential “aw sh**”.

    I suspended the exhaust system with a tie down under the muffler to hold it up while removing all the bolts, then it was just a twist, as you say, to get the puppy out loosening the tie down bit by bit.

  2. How did you get a new oil pan that had the side bolt? Do you have a part number? My dealer says they won’t know the part number for a couple months.

    1. Author

      The part has been out for over a year now. I don’t have the part number on hand and I’m not home right now. Email me! :)

      1. Hi! Any update on that part number for the new style oil pan? I’m thinking of doing some preventative maintenance on my FJ-09. Thanks!

        1. Author

          i believe it was B56-13400-00-00

          thanks! good luck! :D

          1. Excactly right part no. Bought mine together gasket from ($149.00)

  3. Step 8 part is the oil level switch/sensor to tell you when oil level is low.

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