Some Oregon Fun

So, I got another email yesterday kinda out of the blue mentioning my blog and how they enjoyed reading it and the likes.

I felt both pride and guilt…pride because I don’t really keep track of who actually reads my blog. How many people read it? I dunno…I guess I don’t always write for other people; I mostly do it for myself…but I still get a certain satisfaction knowing that other people enjoy reading it. Guilt, because I neglect the hell out of my blog. Haha! I seldom ever take the time to write anymore. That makes me a bad human, I know. *sigh*

Anyhow, Brianna and I had two extra days to kill on our way from The Ridge Motorsports Park down to Thunderhill. Frankly, I wanted to take as long as possible, knowing that it’s supposed to be a hundred and fifteen fucking degrees on Friday at the track. I’m sooooo not looking forward to that…so instead I plotted some squiggley lines on the map and headed for Oregon.

I didn’t realize it’d be as hot as it was in Oregon…it was 100F for the better part of the day today, but whatever. It wasn’t 115F. :)

Our route was from Wolf Creek Rd to Agness, OR with several other side roads thrown in. I posted the general layout of what we’d done below:

It was all fantastic. The roads reminded me of Bodfish Canyon Rd down by Lake Isabella, as well as Mosquito Ridge Rd outside of Foresthill, CA. If anyone knows me, they know that MRR is my favorite bit of tarmac in allllll the lands….so BLM Road 34 and 33 were mooost excellent. There was even a great place for us to stop and take a swim!

Here’s a few pics.

fj09 tracer mt09 oregon roads
I genuinely can’t remember where I took this… heh. It was pretty hazy out with the smoke from all the fires.

fj09 tracer mt09 rogue river oregon
The Rogue River. We stopped here for a swim. The water was absoultely PERFECT. The trout swarmed us and were nipping at our legs and feet.

fj09 tracer mt09 rogue river oregon
This was the last photo I took on the way back. It doesn’t really do any justice to how awesome it really was.

This was taken yesterday at the Music on the Halfshell festival in Roseburg, OR. :)

joe and brianna 4theriders


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