It’s a Wrap, AFM!

Well, I never really wrote much this year for AFM…In fact, I only did one write-up, and that was last round (R6 @ Infineon). I’d thought about it, but never really found much motivation for it.

I read once—in a blog—that if you are going to have a successful blog, that you need to write shit constantly…and that you shouldn’t spend too much time on it…just get it done, blast it out, rinse, repeat….F-that. I spend, like, 4-5 hour per blog that I write. At LEAST!

I’m not really sure WHY it takes me that long…I mean, I type decently fast, I never pre-plan what I’m going to actually say, I barely proof read my posts… I simply think of a topic and go PEW PEW PEW! Why the hell does it take me so long?

In this case, my topic is the the entire 2012 year of AFM.

Lawdy lawd, where do I begin? I’ve got the memory of an elephant—that’s been mortally wounded and had it’s tusks poached—so it’s not like I can actually remember many specifics about round 2…or 3 or 4 or hell, even round 7, just a few days ago.

R2 at Thunderhill.

Someone crashed…that’s all I remember.
crashed r6 crash thunderhill sparks lowside

R3 at Thunderhill

Someone else crashed…Kinda like R2.
crashed dust cloud

Okay okay okay…more happened.

Metz used his brakes
fork travel bottom out ducati tiger bike

GoGo did a wheelie
ktm rc8 wheelie gogo tag team

Someone dressed in drag….ish
drag queen napa autoparts

And Ricky showed off for the camera
ricky correy racing yamaha r1 elbow drag

Now lets skip forward to Round 4 where we were at a different venue…a track that I enjoy shooting MUCH more than Thunderhill.

Kinda like R2, someone crashed…wait a minute…that’s the same guy from R2!
r6 lowside crash

And GoGo did another wheelie! What the hell? It’s like the same shit as past rounds… hrm…
gogo wheelie rc8

Garrett Willis showed up this round tho, and let some of the top 600 guys know that there’s always someone a little bit faster…even if he is riding a Kawi.
garrett willis 80 kawasaki attack wheelie infineon

And no…I didn’t purposely shoot a bunch of pics exactly like this as a shameless plug to GoPro for all the help and support they’ve shown me over the last few years… oooorrrrrr did I? ;)
dave stanton gopro bmx s1000rr

So much for Round 4… Let’s go back to Thunderhill for Round 5!

Dave Raff did a wheelie!
dave raff wheelie evo 848 ducati

So did Dan…and I nearly shat my pantalones when he did, cause I was certain I was about to get ker-plinko’d by an upside-down SV.
dan wheelie sv650 twf

Umm…Round 6…I already posted a blog about it. See it here, if you’re not tired of reading yet.

And onto the last round of the year

I got the bird.
middle finger

I got the bird again.
thunderhill helecopter landing

Doing the Bernie
bernie crash

If Metz hadn’t scratched up the side of this bike…this would be a cool shot. But instead, the shot looks like garbage.
ducati penigale tigerbike tiger bike

And lastly, this is probably my favorite shot of the whole weekend. Maybe the whole year: My good buddy Tim
gsxr race

That’s it. I’m done. It’s taken me 3 days to write this. Thanks for watching. Maybe I’ll see you guys again next year.

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  1. The helicopter shot is awesome! Rest are gay.

  2. And as I’m sure at many of the other rounds rounds seven had a night party.. but unlike all the others round seven had me and it was a damn good time hanging out with you

  3. haha i laughed out loud this entire blog. awsome stuff man!

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