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2012 – Year of the Dragon

Well, it’s been some time since my last post about fishies and stuff… since then, I’ve had hundreds of queries, asking me “What’s next?” Often, my reply had been something along the lines of “I’m just taking things as they come.” …and it was true…I was. Until now.

dragon caligraphy chinese

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Abominable Tire Monster

So, I’m always hearing about people having issues with their tires at the track. Cold tear, hot tear, rebound, shock, blah blah tear. I see people ride half a freggin day on a brand new set of DOTs or slicks, and their tire looks like it went through a meat grinder while on fire…both riders faster AND slower than myself are ending up out ~$350 for a set of tires after a HALF DAY.

Tire vendors love you. Your husband/wife hates you. The Abominable Tire Monster has you.

abominable tire monster

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