Chasing the California Super Bloom

Brianna and I stayed just up above Lake Castaic last night with the thoughts of getting up early to go for a ride up towards Neenach, CA to see if we could catch some super bloom action. Our original plan was to have done it last week, but after a sudden emergency—and costly—trip to the dentist on Tuesday, everything got pushed way back.

I woke up excited at 8:15am. I knew we weren’t going to the epitome of the super bloom, but I knew that we’d be able to catch some pretty sweet poppies, for sure. We were out the door by 10am. by 10:00:38am, we were already doing wheelies and hitting some sweet twisties. We took Hughes Rd up towards the Lake Elizabeth split and went north towards hwy 138. We rode west on 138 for a few miles before turning north again, and beginning our adventure.

california super bloom poppies
We were so close, we could almost taste them.

We rode up a bunch of sandy roads, following satelite maps trying to get up to this majestic looking splotch of super bloomage. There was no direct route that we could see, so we zigged and zagged and traversed fields and the likes, looking for a dirt road that would take us up there…

california super bloom locked out
Only to be thwarted by this.

I studied the sat maps looking for somewhere we could get through. I checked out the fence lines and looked for gates…we found several of them open…

california super bloom
We were DEFINITELY within tasting distance now!

We pressed on, looking for access through. We went through at least a half a dozen unlocked gates…

california super bloom
We were on the wrong side of the fence for the epic stuff in this photo.

california super bloom
Ahhh, flowers at last!

california super bloom
Brianna wanted me to bring my real camera…but…I was too lazy.

california super bloom
Plus, I can’t take sweet selfies with my big camera! :D

We ended up doing a pretty huge loop through dirt roads, washes, and even some single track to get back to the main road. We had a few moments of deep sand at 45mph that make for fun times.

Not sure what this was…

On the way back through Lake Hughes, we detoured a bit and explored some old, abandoned roads as well.

abandoned road
Long lost and forgotten…and only accessible by ramshackle foot path.

lake hughes
There’s prolly a meth lab down there.

The End.

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This is the gist of our route today.

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