Pima, Titan, and San Xavier

If I had to summarize the last 48 hours, it would look something like this:

blue angel thunderbird

f14 tomcat sega genesis

sr-71 blackbird stealth fighter
I met the guy that piloted this thing… Brian Shul. The dude is a beast.

Learning about yaw, pitch, and roll!

hellfire missiles

nasa super guppy bribri pima aerospace museum
There’s a Bribri in there somewhere. :D

airforce one ariforce 1
Kennedy flew in this.

titan missile museum command center
Bribri turned the key… somewhere in the USSR, there’s a billion dead people now. ;)

titan missile museum long walk

titan missile museum
That would be HYDROGEN.

tian missile museum don't touch

titan missile museum emergency drinking water
The quality of the water is not assured.

lion statue san xavier
That would be a lion.

san xavier mission
People were praying when we got there.

The end. Haha! I’ll explain more later. ;)

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