Rockin the new GSXR at Thunderhill

This weekend marked the first time getting the new 4theriders trackbike…well…on the track. It’s gone through it’s paces on some of the best roads California has to offer, but it had yet to put down some laps…

gsxr 600 under the cherry blossoms

I’d order some new Galfer steel braided brake lines from the Pashnit Store (that’s where I get nearly everything, as the owner, Tim Meyhew, is a rock solid dude with flawless customer service) earlier last week in hopes that I’d get them in before the trackday… leave it to me, always procrastinating with everything…hehe. Sure enough, Tim of Pashnit came through and I got my lines in on Friday afternoon.

One thing I did forget to grab though, was some brake fluid! Hehe. I ran over to Kraigen really quick only to find that they don’t sell RBF600. That’s the only stuff I’ve put in my bikes over the last few years, and we’re talking about brakes here…at the TRACK…no cheap stuff for me! So I bit the bullet and went over to the closest motorbike shop around and got some. Luckily, the guy working the counter knew who I was and gave me a fat discount on some $20 brake fluid. <3

I got home and busted out the tools, a crapload of clean shop rags, and my new lines. It took me about 30 minutes to get everything removed and the new lines (both front and rear) installed. Brakes are pretty damned important, so it’s not something I try to rush. Even though trying to be meticulous and taking my time, I still managed to spooge fluids and grimes all over my garage. It looked like a scene from The Exorcist by the time I was done. Except the GSXR doesn’t have a vagina to stab itself in. 0_o

It took me, with the help of Kev, another 30-40 minutes (and half a bottle of RBF600 to flush out the old crap) after the install to make sure the brakes were fully bled and bled properly. It’s SOOOO much easier to bleed brakes when you’ve got someone else to lend a helping hand. In fact, it’s even easier than that when you’ve got a Speedy Vac or whatever the hell them things are called. Haha!

Anyhow, after all was said and done, here’s a few static shots of the bike with it’s new lines. Also notice the blingy ass SME axle sliders? Uh huh…SEXY! And the TechSpec tank pads? Oh yeaaaaah…chicka-chicka…. bow wow…. :D

galfer steel braided lines sme axle sliders

galfer steel braided lines red grips

gsxr gauge cluster and galfer braided brake lines

techspec tank pads

So after getting out to Thunderhill and doing a couple slow sessions and making sure all our hard work on getting the lines installed and bled was flawless, Toe snapped off a few shots of me dicking around. :D

Remember how I’d said that I rode up to bikenight just to go see Dave Moss? Well, it paid off, cause the bike handled and felt FLAWLESS! Completely and utterly PERFECT. So perfect, that I was finally able to get my left elbow down. :D

Thanks Toe! *garblegarblegarble*

joe dragging elbow in turn 2 at thunderhill

joe drags elbow in turn 2 at thunderhill

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  1. Hey great shot… as for the ‘RealRiders’ comment, don’t sweat it. Envy/jealousy always looks at things with that of a telescope.
    Keep up the great pics!

  2. Author

    ^anonymous guy has it totally right. the tire is deflecting cause i’m going HELLA slow around a corner. *giggles*

    and no, my cold pressure was too HIGH, thus the hot PSI wasn’t getting up to proper temp (and was cold tearing). if you’re gonna accuse me of not knowing what i’m talking about, at LEAST post your real name so i know who i’m talking to. *thumbsup*

    and as for my laptimes… i’ve yet to break the 2:48 barrier at t’hill. i’m workin on it though!

  3. The only reason the tire is Deflecting is because of your “hey look at me!” body positioning. Your not carrying any real speed your just hanging way the F#@& off for a good picture. This is the equivalent of tying a brick to the end of a 20 ft board, it’s gonna bend. Try posting a laptime with your post next time show off. And by the way I think you meant to say your “cold pressure” was a little too low not too high. GEEZ!!

  4. Author

    yeah, it is. in fact, the tire was actually cold-tearing a little bit, cause i was running my cold temp a little too high at 27psi.

  5. Damn…the elbow down is savage, but I’m looking at that rear tire! Is that kind of deflection normal where it hits the asphalt?

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