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Ridin Ridin

So, this year has been pretty slow in the riding realm for me so far… Normally, I’d have done at least a dozen or so trackdays by now…at LEAST. But not this year. So far, I’ve ridden exactly THREE trackdays. A Saturday/Sunday at NOLA Motorsports Park in New Orleans back in February, and now last Monday at Thunderhill.

joe riding ducati 848 evo at NOLA
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Abominable Tire Monster

So, I’m always hearing about people having issues with their tires at the track. Cold tear, hot tear, rebound, shock, blah blah tear. I see people ride half a freggin day on a brand new set of DOTs or slicks, and their tire looks like it went through a meat grinder while on fire…both riders faster AND slower than myself are ending up out ~$350 for a set of tires after a HALF DAY.

Tire vendors love you. Your husband/wife hates you. The Abominable Tire Monster has you.

abominable tire monster

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