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Another FJ09 Oil Pan Bites the Dust

So, as you guys may have read in a previous blog of mine, I did a 12 Step “how to” to replace your FJ09/FZ09/MT09/Tracer oil pan after you crater your shit. If not, you can read it here:

The 12 Step How to Replace the FJ09 Oil Pan

Well, so, yeah…I smashed another oil pan the other day. Luckily, it wasn’t nearly as bad as shearing off the entire bottom of the oil pan like I did last time. This time, I simply put a small hole in it while parking for an epic photo. Yes, while parking. I was doing approximately half a mile an hour. *sigh* I was so livid that I didn’t even get the shot I wanted.

fj09 oil pan cracked fz09 oil pan mt09 oil pan

Long story short, I was at the top of Sonora Pass in the Sierra Nevada Mountains when I cracked it. Kevin and I were screwing around with various photo ops.

fj09 wheelie mt09 wheelie tracer
minutes before FJ09 oil pan disaster #2

I saw this gorgeous pull out with an amazing vista and I wanted to stop for a picture of the FJ09 sitting atop this giant granite slab overlooking the valley below. There was a small bump, maybe 4″ in height that I super slow rolled over top, as I have a CONSTANT fear of cratering my oil pan on this damned bike, and sure enough, it made gentle contact. I mean barely. It hardly even touched the rock. I even giggled to myself thinking that there’s no way that would have damaged it. I step off the bike, walk over to Kevin for a second, turn around….and there it was. The puddle of oil already starting to form.

fj09 cracked oil pan puddle
my FJ09 gets scared every time I pull off the pavement now and it pisses itself.

I let out a LOOONG and LOUUUD string of expletives. Kevin almost looked panicked. I can’t even imagine what he was thinking when I suddenly burst out yelling and cussing. Ultimately, I told him we had to go, and go asap, before all the oil was drained out of my bike.

I coasted down most of the east side down to highway 395. I then alternated between 6th gear—low engine load—and pulling in the clutch and killing the motor for the 17 or so miles it took to go north to Walker, CA, where a store there happened to have JB Weld. I lost about a quart of oil in the 35 mile or so trip.

fj09 fz09 mt09 oil pan tool kit
the “Essential FJ09/FZ09 Oil Pan Tool Kit” ..I think I might start marketing these as a package.

I threw the FJ09 on it’s side in disgust, cleaned up as much of the oil as I could, and JB Welded the oil pan up. I currently have Givi crash bars on it for “just in case” moments… I didn’t realize when I got them that I’d be needing to lay it on it’s side on purpose to fix oil pan issues. Ugh.

fj09 oil pan on it's side jb weld
it looks sad, I know. Because it IS sad.

I left the FJ09 laying there on it’s side for the better part of half an hour, essentially, watching paint dry.

fj09 oil pan jb weld

All in all, it got me home. But now I’ve got to buy ANOTHER FREGGIN OIL PAN. Ugh! So, to prevent any future freggin disasters, I’ve spent a bunch of time researching, and I’ve found higdonion.com

They’re having a group buy right now, so I’m all in. I’m getting the skid plate and crash bars. The group buy is currently sitting at $75 off, with the potential to go $100 off if more people get in on it. Thus far, I’ll have spent over $400 in oil pans…I should have got the skid plate from the get go, and I would have been ahead.


Higdonion has skid plates, crash cages, frame sliders, and other protective products for the FZ09, FJ09, XSR900, and the FZ07.

This is what I’m going to put on my bike:

fj09 higdonion skid plate

An Open Letter to Yamaha

I originally wrote this as an email to Yamaha. It was sent off to Yamaha over a week ago, and I haven’t heard a single peep in reply. So, on behalf of myself, and anyone else who’s experienced this issue with their FZ/MT/FJ09 motorcycle who also agrees with me…here’s an open letter to Yamaha:


I’m pretty disappointed with Yamaha right now. This is only the second motorcycle I’ve EVER purchased brand new, the first was also a Yamaha.

Long story short, I was riding a fun little section of twisties with my girlfriend, Kinsy, on the back of my new FJ09. I was plodding along around 35-40mph as I crossed a small bridge over a creek. There was a build up of slurry/tar on the transition from road to bridge. Definitely a bump, but nothing so bad to cause for much concern. Until I hit it. And the bike completely bottomed out on the drain plug, shearing off the bottom of my oil pan spraying oil all over my rear tire, saddle bags, undertail, and even all over the backpack Kinsy was wearing.

I didn’t crash. I have lots of experience on two wheels, dirt, track, and street. It was certainly a 500ft death slide afterwards, but I managed to keep it upright in the end.

I’m disappointed because after this happened, I go to research a new oil pan for the bike, I see that I’m not the first person to have this experience. In fact, SO many people have had this happen to them (some in the most trivial of ways), that Yamaha has redesigned the pan and updated their part number to supersede the original design. The originally FLAWED design.

They say recalls are for safety reasons. Like the new 2015 R1, for example. The transmission locks up and causes the rider to crash, as has happened with one of my friends already. Or the o ring on the oil filter assembly does seat correctly, causing oil to spray from the engine, possibly causing someone to crash, as has also happened to another friend of mine.

Well, having the lowest point of contact be the drain plug on a motorcycle isn’t very safe. Decking it out on the ground at 40mph with your loved one on the back, instantly saturating your rear tire with synthetic oil, IS NOT SAFE.

I’m upset because Yamaha has acknowledged that there is an issue without even saying “there is an issue with our original design.” They simply redesigned it and quietly updated their part number to patch over an issue that many of us with the FZ/FJ/MT09 line of motorbikes is having. AND MAKING US PAY FOR IT.

The fortunate ones, such as myself, who don’t actually crash because talent, scenario, or pure dumb luck was on their side are simply left with a:

– $202 bill for an oil pan
– $18 for a new gasket
– shop labor of 2 hours @ $95 per hour
– roughly $400 for a new set of tires (oil was all over both of my tires)
– plus mount and balance fees of $80
– $35 for a new set of rear brake pads
– and 5 hours of their time cleaning up the mess out of the back of their truck they had to tow the bike home with as well as the bike itself.

And sadly, my newly updated how-it-should-have-been-in-the-first-place design of an oil pan DIDN’T EVEN COME WITH A NOTE SAYING “SORRY THAT HAPPENED. HERE’S YOUR FREE OIL PAN CAUSE WE GOT IT WRONG THE FIRST TIME”

I should have waited to buy the Africa Twin.


Joe Salas

The 12 Step How to Replace the FJ09 Oil Pan

So, as some of you guys know already, I cratered the oil pan on my FJ09 while riding two up with Kinsy on Carmel Valley Road over xmas. All 3 quarts of yummy synthetic 10w 40 splooged everywhere. On rear tire, the undercarriage, the saddle bags, and even on the backpack Kinsy was wearing. Everywhere. Instant slip-n-slide-deathride.

dead fj09 tracer

So I recently fixed the bike and I took pics throughout the process.

EDIT// here’s the FJ09 FZ09 MT09 updated oil pan part number: B56-13400-00-00

Step 1) Stare at the bike for an incredibly long time, hoping that it will somehow fix itself, only to realize that it will not. And be dissapointed by this fact.

fj09 mt09 tracer oil pan broken
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