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Summer is here, even though there is an 80% chance of rain for Monday. That means the local, and in some cases traveling, bike nights are starting to become more populated. I have met quite a few people at the Wednesday night meet held a Skipolini’s Pizza in Concord, and I probably would not be a part of 4TheRiders if I was not a regular. Motorbikes have been a huge part of my life for the last few years, and the almost family like friendships that I have developed and seen grow at bike nights helps to bring back my faith in humanity, since I like any type of bike, from big bikes to even scooters which I read about visiting sites like I was even part of a wedding that held it’s reception at the Wednesday night meet.


Most recently I have been following the path of the Cycle Gear sponsored bike nights that they have been hosting at their stores. They offer free food, prize give aways, and a great place to meet people, organize group rides, or simply just sit back and take in the sights. A list of the upcoming nights can be found on the Cycle Gear website.

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bike night at hooters

No matter where you go, just get out there and introduce yourself. Chances are you will meet a new riding buddy, find out about some great roads, and simply get away from the real world, even if only for a few hours.

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